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Fulton Folding Tongue - Coupler Hinge Kit - FHDPW350300 Review

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Review of Fulton Trailer Coupler FHDPW350300

Today were going to review part number fhdpw350300. This is the Fulton Fold Away Coupler hinge kit for a three inch by five inch trailer tongue. It is a weld on application. This hinge kit will let you create up to a 48 inch fold away tongue for your trailer so that your trailer can be stored in even the smallest garage. This is designed to be used with achewaters our standard couplers. Now it is a weld on installation which creates a clean look and the unique offset design will guarantee superior performance.

It is a sturdy steel construction and it does have a raw finish. The pivot bolt, the pivot pin and clip are all included. Now this hinge kit is not for use on aluminum trailer frames. This part is made in the USA. Again I mentioned it is to fit a three inch by five inch trailer tongue.

Basically that would be three inches wide by five inches tall. It does have a five year limited warranty. Just to give you an idea to fold away the tongue you would just pull the clip, pull the pin out. That would allow the fold away part of your trailer tongue to move to alongside the trailer. Now this can be mounted this way or it can be mounted 180 degrees.

It opens that way. There is one thing Fulton does recommend and they do recommend this part they call the male casting which has the solid casting section in the middle here. This should be installed to the stationary part of the trailer tongue. This other casting, the female casting that has the arms right here on the ends, this should be installed on the fold away portion of the tongue. Once you put it back into position to tow just put your pin back, insert your safety clip and that will keep it all together.

Now the capacity on this hinge kit has a maximum of 9,000 pounds. To actually determine the capacity for your trailer it will depend on the pivot length of the fold away section of the pivot tongue. When I say pivot length basically what that would be is where your trailer coupler is if you measure from the center line of that coupler ball to the furthest pivot hole from the coupler which will be this one here. That measurement will determine the capacity of the hinge kit. In the case if you use the maximum 48 inches fold away section that would give your weight capacity at 5,000 pounds. If your pivot length measurement is 27 inches which would be the minimum youd want to use that would give your maximum capacity of 9,000 pounds. The best thing to do what I would recommend is go to the product page of this part number. At the bottom of the page we do list a table that will list the pivot length of what your measure. Then it will show what the capacity is at that certain pivot length. Again this part does come with a five year limited warranty. That should do it for review on part number fhdpw350300.

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