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Flex-a-lite Transmission Coolers - Tube-Fin Cooler - FLX41124RV Review

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Review of Flex-a-lite Transmission Coolers FLX41124RV

Today we're going to take a look at the Flex-A-Lite Direct Fit Transmission Oil Cooler with the Cooler Guard. This has the three eighths inch barbed fitting with the J-return and Class I rating. This kit is the transmission cooler and the cooler guard. It is designed to fit most 2003 to 2007 Ford Six Liter Super Duty Diesels. This is designed to work with the Flex-A-Lite radiator, part number FLX59074. We do sell that separately on our website, and the Flex-A-Lite Radiator Fan Combo, part number FLX59274.

Now this transmission cooler is used for transmission oil cooling, because your automatic transmission will work harder when you tow, it can get hotter. Heat is of the major enemies of your transmission so an after-market transmission cooler like this one can keep your transmission from getting too hot, helping you get the best performance and long life out of it. This kit includes the transmission cooler, the four foot rubber hose and the hose clamps. The cooler itself is half inch tube diameter and this is pretty unique because it does use the high twist turbulator design. What that does is on the inside of these tubes, as the fluid goes through, it's designed to actually cause that fluid to twist and that improves the heat transfer. The cooler is made of an aerospace epoxy construction.

Again, it has the three eighths inch barbed fittings, and up here with the j-return. It is a four pass configuration which means the fluid goes through the heat exchanger four different times. You can see the tubing, one, two, three, four. This is a Class I rated cooler. To give you a few dimensions of the cooler itself, the overall width from this edge to this edge is going to be right at fifteen inches.

The height from the very bottom to the very top is going to be right at five inches, and then the depth of the cooler is three quarters of an inch. Now it also comes with the cooler guard. This cooler guard is designed to protect the oil cooler from any damage that can be caused by rocks and road debris and it doesn't compromise the cooler's ability to reduce the fluid temperatures. As you can see it's designed to fit over just like that. You can see how that will protect your cooler. Now the cooler guard, this part will include the cooler guard itself, the gator clips and these are used to mount the guard to the cooler, and what's nice about the gator clips, it will provide an air gap between the guard and the cooler to help in the cooling.

It comes with these aluminum brackets to install the cooler to your radiator. It comes with all the mounting hardware and a nice set of detailed instructions on how to install everything. Last thing, I want to give you some measurements on the cooler guard itself. The width on that is going to be right at twelve inches. Now these mounting tabs do extend out about three quarters of an inch further. The heighth on it is going to be right at four and a half inches tall, and then the depth on it is going to be right at about one inch. That should do it for the review on the Flex-A-lite Direct Fit Transmission Oil Cooler with the Cooler Guard. It has three eighth inch barbed fittings with the j-return and a Class I rating.