Firestone Vehicle Suspension - Suspension Accessories - F2547 Review

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Review of Firestone Accessories and Parts F2547

Today we're going to review part number F2547. This is the Firestone Extreme Duty Remote Air Command System. Now with this air spring pressure control kit, you're able to control the level of up to two air springs from inside your cab or from up to 50 feet away with this wireless remote. This wireless remote will control this heavy duty compressor for front to back or side to side leveling. It is a wireless digital control. It has three programmable preset buttons for different heights if you prefer, and it will also display right here on the spring your air spring pressure levels. It allows visual inspection of your airbags to determine proper pressure levels, and because it's wireless, it requires no wires or airline tubing.

There are also buttons right here that you can control it manually up or down, the pressures. This wireless system will control two air helper springs side to side individually or one pair front to back equally. This does work great for motor homes, trucks with plows or trucks with inbed campers, and it will accommodate various load capacities road conditions and parking conditions. The kit will include everything shown on this table to control your air springs. It includes this extreme duty air compressor, this two gallon air tank, about 18 feet of airline tubing, wireless remote, this power cord that will actually plug into your 12 volt outlet in your vehicle. The other end you can plug into the bottom of the wireless remote to charge it. The main thing, which is the ECU unit. This is what would wire into the vehicle and all your lines would run to, and it would control, the wireless would control from this ECU unit.

Also this accessory inflation hose. On this end you can connect it to a valve if you need to get some air for anything else, like airing up tires or anything on your vehicle, you can use the compressor and this accessory hose to do that. It will also come with this wiring harness that will wire up the EC unit to your vehicle, and all the hardware over here, with the valves, the fuses, and the wiring to hook it up to your vehicle. A few specs on this. The compressor right here, this is a quarter horsepower compressor. The maximum consumption on this is 23 amps.

The maximum working pressure on this compressor is 150 psi. The maximum duty cycle which is rated at 100 psi is 100 percent, and basically the duty cycle is the amount of time a compressor can be operated in a given time period at 100 psi. Since this one is 100 percent duty cycle, that means it can run continuous. That should do it for the review on part number F2547, the Firestone Extreme Duty Remote Air Command System. .

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