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Review of Firestone Accessories and Parts F2546

Today, we are going to review part number F2546. This is the Firestone Xtra Remote Air Command System. This air spring pressure control kit with the wireless remote right here will allow you to control the level of up to two air springs from inside your cab or from up to 50 feet away. This wireless system will control two air helper springs side-to-side individually or one pair front-to-back equally. The wireless remote right here has three programmable preset buttons for height and it can control this heavy duty compressor for front-to-back or side-to-side leveling. Also, has a display right here.

This'll allow to display the air spring pressure levels and it also allows visual inspection of the air bags to determine proper pressure levels, and because it's wireless, it requires no wires or air line tubing. This part will work great for motor homes, trucks with plows or trucks with in-bed campers, and it can accommodate various load capacities, road conditions, and parking conditions. Now, the kit will include everything shown here on the table. It concludes this heavy-duty air compressor, this 1/2 Gallon air tank, it includes this accessory inflation hose that you can hook up to the compressor and then air up tires or anything else on your vehicle that might need air. Also, comes with about 18 feet of air tubing. Now, comes with .. we had mentioned the wireless remote.

Now, the wireless remote can be charged. It does come with a 12-volt power car charger that you can plug into your vehicle and then plug the other end into this port here to charge it. This is the main thing, this is the ECU unit that everything would be hooked to and the wireless remote would control this. It comes with the wiring harness for the ECU unit and for the compressor and all the parts listed here, a wiring harness here and then all the fittings and valves that are needed to install everything right here. Now, a few specs on this compressor itself right here. This uses a 12-volt motor, it's a 1/4 horsepower compressor.

Maximum working pressure is 150 psi. Maximum current consumption it uses is 18 amps. Now, it does specify maximum duty cycle at 100 psi, and they say it is 30%. Basically the compressor duty cycle, it will refer to the amount of time that a compressor can be operated in a given time period at 100 psi. This one being 30% means that it can run for 13 minutes on and then it has to be 30 minutes off.

So, 13 minutes on and 30 minutes off. That's the duty cycle for this compressor. That should do it for review on part number F2546, a Firestone Xtra Remote Air Command System. .

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