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Review of Fantastic Vent Enclosed Trailer Parts FV802250

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number FV802250. This is the Fan-Tastic Vent roof vent with a 12-volt fan and built-in thermostat. The roof vent, with the reversible 12-volt fan, is going to push that old air out, and it's going to pull new, fresh air into your RV, camper, or enclosed trailer. I'm going to flip this over real quick, just so you can see kind of the components here on the underside. These are going to be all of our operations. You're going to have access to these from the inside of your RV, camper, or enclosed trailer. This switch down here is going to control the direction of airflow.

That's going to control the direction of the fan. Then you're going to have these 2 areas up here. The smaller piece is going to be where the fuse is installed. The larger piece, this is going to be your manual option. This is going to be your 3 manual speeds.

That's going to let you boost or reduce the airflow as needed, and there's an off setting on there as well. Over here on this side, you're going to have the automatic mode. This unit's going to feature 2 modes of operation. You're going to have manual on this side, and you're going to have the automatic on this side. This is the thermostat-regulated area. That's going to have the thermostat-regulated settings that are going to conserve energy by running only when the pre-set temperature is reached.

It's going to help maintain an even temperature inside of your RV, camper, or trailer. Really nice system. This down here, this is going to be our hand-operated knob that's going to allow you to open and close the dome. I can go ahead and show you how that works, and we'll go ahead and open it up, and then I already have it connected to a power source. That way we can go ahead and turn the fan on. Another neat thing I want to mention is here on the inside, you're going to notice different components.

Right here is going to be a pop-out screen. This is going to be our screen that keeps insects and other type of stuff out of the interior of our RV, or camper, or trailer. That is removable, so that way it can easily be cleaned. Then you're going to have your fan blades and the supports for the motor. These are going to be clear, which is a really unique feature because that's still going to allow a lot of sun to come in, so the fans, or the fan blades and the structure supports right here aren't really going to interfere with the amount of light coming in our RV or whatever you have this installed, whether it's your RV, your camper, or your enclosed trailer. That's a nice touch to have as well. I have it connected. Let's go ahead and, I'm going to do manual, so I'm using that knob with the 3 settings. This is low right now. Very quiet. Bump it up to medium; you can hear a little bit of a difference, but it's still not very noticeable. I bump it up to high. It is a little bit louder, but still, for the high setting, that's not too bad at all. We'll go ahead and turn it down, back to the off position. Then what I can do is I can control the direction that I want my fan blades to spin, which is going to control the direction of air. I can use that switch to flip that, and then I can use the automatic setting, so I'm going to go ahead and turn our fan on low, and then I'm going to adjust that knob to control the setting I want. Right now I have it set to where the fan should turn off, because it's at a certain temperature, so the blades are going to slowly slow down, and then as soon as that temperature reaches that kind of breaking point, the fan will automatically kick on. It's really a nice feature. I'm going to go ahead and turn it off. That way we can go over some other characteristics. This is a 2-wire design. You're going to have your black wire and your white wire. Your black wire's going to be for your power; white wire's going to be for your ground connection. Now, the length of wire that we have coming out of the housing, this is going to give us a measurement of about 22 inches long. You can also see here, you're going to get your hardware packet. It's got some extra wiring in there, like some extensions with some butt connectors. Those are going to measure 26 inches long. Go ahead and close this up. It's got a nice gasket sealer around here, so when our dome is closed, it's going to create a nice, tight seal. It's going to keep things out, especially moisture. This is going to be your smoke-colored polyethylene dome that's going to filter UV rays while still allowing light in. Then you're going to have your interior trim piece, made from a polypropylene material. This is going to be your garnish, or roof flange. This is included. This unit is a 2-piece design, so these 2 pieces simply just snap together. This is going to be your piece that's going to be visible, this side, from inside of your RV, camper, or trailer. Nice white design, so it's going to match a lot of your interior. You're going to have 4 mount holes; that way you don't have a lot of screws visible. These 2 pieces simply just slide into one another. Really nice design. It's got a little area up here that's going to allow our wires to feed out of. This unit's completely made in the U.S.A. Again, it's designed for RVs, campers, and trailers with roofs up to 4 inches thick. That's going to be the distance that we have between these areas here. This unit's designed to fit your standard 14- by 14-inch opening in the ceiling or roof. When it's fully installed, and the lid's in the closed position, this unit's going to extend above our roof by about 4-1/2 inches. When that dome is fully open, that's going to extend about 11-1/2 inches above our roof. A few measurements to go over with you real quick. I told you this will fit your standard 14- by 14-inch opening. We can take a measurement from this point here to this point here. That's going to measure 13-3/4 of an inch, so that's about the size opening that we need for a nice, tight fit. From outer edge to outer edge, that's going to give us a measurement of about 16-1/4. Then the mounting holes for that interior trim piece; those are going to be separated on center about 15-1/16th of an inch. Again, all your mounting hardware is included. When it comes to the fan capacity on high, the standard cubic feet per minute airflow, so the SCFM is 920 on high, 653 on medium, 478 on low. When it comes to the power draw, rated at 12 volts, on high 3 amps, medium 2.29 amps, and low 1.86 amps. To replace your old vent, all you've got to do is install this vent into the existing opening in your roof. If your roof does not already have a vent, you will need to mark and cut an opening between the roof joists to get this installed, but again your hardware is included. That's going to do it for today's review of part number FV802250. This is the Fan-Tastic Vent roof vent with a 12-volt fan and built-in thermostat.

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Patti B.

I just need the crank for the 802250 Fan-Tastic Vent! Selling Motorhome (2013 THor Challenger) and just need the crank. Help! 95455

Reply from Jon G.

The replacement hand crank for your 2250 Fan-Tastic roof vent is part # FVK1140-09 . It might look a little different than what you currently have but I confirmed that it will work for your application with my contact at Fan-Tastic Vents. 70576


So what do we do if our roof isnt 4 inches thick? 61238

Reply from Jon G.

If your roof isn't at the max 4" thick then you can simply trim the garnish to fit your application. If you have a really thin roof like what you'd find on an enclosed cargo carrier or a van then you'll need to add some bracing underneath. I am attaching a sample install video of a different roof vent on a 2018 Nissan NV 2500 that you can use as a reference. 52831

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