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Fantastic Vent RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - FV801250 Review

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Review of Fantastic Vent Enclosed Trailer Parts FV801250

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number FV801250, this is the Fan-Tastic Vent roof vent with a 12 volt fan. This vent is going to feature a reversible 12 volt fan that is going to push the old air out and then circulate fresh air into the RV, camper, or enclosed trailer. The fan is going to offer three different speeds that way you can boost or reduce the air flow as needed. This knob is going to be your manual crank knob, this is going to open and close the dome on the vent. Down here you're going to have a rocker switch, that is going to control the direction of air flow so the fan can go one way, flip that switch, when the fan comes to a stop you can rotate the blades the other direction. Right here this small piece is going to be the fuse holder, it's going to already have the fuse included. This piece here is going to be the knob that allows you to switch between high, medium, and low speeds for your fan.

The hand operated knob is going to control the dome, very easy to do, nice fluid motion. That's what it's going to look like when it's all the way open. You can see here the components of our fan blades and the braces, these are clear so they are still going to allow a lot of sunlight to come through, it's not going to mess with the amount of sunlight that's able to come through the system. Below those blades that's going to be a removable pop out screen that you can easily remove and clean but that's designed to keep things out from coming into the RV, so it's going to keep out those insects and maybe some dirt or anything that may generate in this area. When it comes to the blades, again those are going to be clear, you're going to have 10 clear fan blades. Another one of the things I want to point out is when closing this it's going to have this nice gasket that's going to create a nice tight seal so when the lid is all the way closed it's going to create that nice tight seal to keep out anything from gaining access to that internal area, especially moisture. This is going to be a smoke colored polyethylene dome, this is going to filter those UV rays but it's still going to allow a lot of light to come in.

These two pieces interlock together, so this is going to be our interior trim piece. This is included, nice white color, it's got a nice design to it so it's going to add some pretty neat style inside of our RV, camper, or enclosed trailer. The white colors are going to match a lot of interiors. Very simple installation, this unit is just going to have 4 mounting holes on the inside that way we don't have a lot of visible screws from inside of our unit. These two pieces are simply going to hook into each other, it's got a little opening up here for the wires to run out, so once we get all that lined up, it'll just fall down into place. It is a two wire design, white wires are going to be for your ground connection, black wires are going to be for power connection.

Simple installation, all your hardware is included, it's going to come with some extension pieces of wire. The wire coming out of the housing is going to measure about 22 inches long, the wire included in the hardware kit is going to be another 26 inches long and it's going to come with a couple buck connectors that way we can make the connections as necessary. The fan is made in the USA. Here in a moment after we go over some measurements I'm going to hook these up that way we can hear how loud or quiet the fan is. This is designed for RVs, campers, and trailers with roofs up to 4 inches thick. This is going to be the piece right here that's going to fit inside of that roof area.

This unit is designed to fit your standard 14 inch by 14 inch opening in the roof and ceiling. When it's in the closed position it's going to extended above our roof, once it's fully installed, by about 4 and a half inches, when it's fully open that is going to increase to about 11 and a half inches. A few other measurements to go over with you really quick, measuring from this point here to this point here, that's going to tell us the exact size opening we need, that's going to be about 13 and 3 quarters of an inch, measuring from outer edge to outer edge of those mounting flanges that's going to be 16 and one quarter of an inch. This is a square design so it's going to be the same on all sides. The holes right here have the interior trim piece at the mounts those are going to be separated on center by about 15 and one 16th of an inch and again all your mounting hardware is included. Now when it comes to that fan that's a 12 volt system, on high that's going to draw 3 amps, and medium that's going to draw 2.29 amps and 1.86 amps on low. Now when it comes to the standard cubic feet per minute airflow, on high that's 920, on medium that's 653 and on low that's 478. To replace an old vent, all you have to do is install this new vent into the existing opening, if you're roof does not already ready have a vent you will need to mark and cut and open inbetween the roof jousts to install this vent. Let's go ahead and hook it up to our extra-all power source that way we can see and hear how loud it is and what it looks like. I'm going to go ahead and open up the dome, that way we can get a good look at how this unit operates. We can go ahead and connect it to our power source, again white is going to be ground, black is going to be power. All right I'm going to use that switch to turn it on low, very quiet can't hardly hear it. I'm going to switch it to medium, a little bit louder but it's still not very noticeable now I'm going to go from medium to high. We can definitely hear it but compared to other fans if they we're on high, this is very quiet. All the components on this are going to be be made right here in the USA. Now when you're ready to switch the direction of air flow we need to wait until that fan stops all the way, and then we can flip our switch the other direction so I'll let it slow down that way you can see which way the fan blades are moving. Now I'll turn it on low the other direction, so there we go. We'll do that one more time just to show you. We'll wait until it stops, or slows down, and then we'll flip it, there we go. Nice, smooth operation. That's going to do it for today's review, part number FV801250, this is the Fan-Tastic Vent roof vent with the 12 volt fan.

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