Excalibur Tires and Wheels 482EZ Review

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Review of Excalibur Accessories and Parts 482EZ

Today we're going to review part number 482EZ. This is the Excalibur Chrome-Plated Steel Trailer Wheel Center Cap. This is designed to fit wheels that have a 4.82 pilot hole diameter. This is a rust-proof, chrome-plated steel cap, has a removable center plug in the top. This chrome cap adds a nice, decorative finishing touch to your trailer wheels. As I mentioned, this is designed to fit on wheels that have the pilot hole size of 4.82 inches.

The dimensions on the height of this cap, the very bottom to the top, is going to be right at 4 3/8-inches tall. I happened to pull a wheel that uses this pilot hole diameter size, it's an 8-lug design wheel. Usually the 8-lug wheels have the larger pilot holes. The pilot hole is this large hole in the center of the wheel, goes over the hub on your trailer. The measurement on this needs to be 4.82 inches for this cap to fit in there. The way you would install this cap is, before you put the wheel onto your trailer ...

this cap has a little lip to it . you put the cap from the back of the wheel out to the front, and then that lip will hold it in place. That way, when you go to mount this up on your trailer and put your lugs in and tighten it down, it will hold that cap securely in place and nobody can take it. It won't come off. I mentioned the plug, it's in the very middle here. The reason that is, these caps are designed to go on axles that use EZ lube axles.

The EZ lube axles, on the spindle at the very end, they'll have a greased zerk fitting that allows you to grease it without having to take the hub and that all apart. What you want to do is, when you have a wheel on an EZ lube axle, you want to be able to access that zerk fitting to grease it, so that's why that cap center plug's removable. There's a little cut-out right in there that you'll be able to see that you could stick a screwdriver in there, and if you pop it just like that, you'll pop that center cap out, and you can access the grease zerk fitting, grease your bearings up, and then when you're done, just go ahead and pop your center cap right back into place, and you're ready to go. Quantity, this comes with one center cap and the center plug. That should do it for the review on part number 482EZ, the Excalibur Chrome-Plated Steel Trailer Wheel Center Cap to fit the 4.82 pilot hole diameter wheels.


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