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Erickson Truck Bed Accessories - Tie Down Anchors - EM01009 Review

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Review of Erickson Truck Bed Accessories EM01009

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Erickson Flip Up Stake Pocket Anchors. Now these anchors serve as tie down points for securing your load. They're great for attaching straps, ratchet straps, bungee straps, and so on. They work well with any type of strap that has an "S" hook on it. You could also feed a strap through like a rope and tie it off as needed. It works with trucks, vans, boats, and trailers; and they install directly in to the stake pocket slots on your application.Now they od feature a flip up design.

So that keeps the loop upright for easy use, and then when you're not using it, they fold down so that way they're out of the way completely. Now you can see their nice, flush mountain design when they're not being used. Now the only thing I've noticed about this is that they're really hard to get back in the open position. They don't have a tab or anything on there. SO I found that you just take a flat blade screwdriver or something to pry under there.

And then you get it to this position, and then you can easily lift up from there. So that's my only concern or critique about this.But over all, its a nice design. Again, nice flip up design is convenient, its there when you need it and out of the way when you don't. We're looking at durable black epoxy coated steel construction. It's strong, durable, and corrosion resistant.

It's an easy no drill installation, comes with everything you need to get it mounted. So basically, I have one of the assemblies fully put together, assembled. And then I have the other one not all the way, so that way I can show you how it works.But with this part number, you get two anchors. The base, which is this portion here. If we take a look at the measurements real quick, it measures about three and a half inches by two and a quarter.

The mounting plate, which is this right here, edge to edge about two and one eighth. Edge to edge this direction is also about two and one eighth inches.So basically, how it works is you would take this piece here that sits underneath that anchor. So it protects the finish on your truck's bed rail or your trailer's frame rail. So it goes right under there. It also has these little areas, so that way you can set it directly inside the stake pocket. So if we measure edge to edge on that, that gives us a measurement of just over two and a half inches. So it's probably designed to press fit in to a two and a half inch stake pocket. But if it's like that and then you drop this piece directly under here, you install your hardware loosely. So you can actually just get it started by hand.You just want to make sure these screws get a couple threads on them. That way you don't drop the plate inside the stake pocket in your vehicle. So once you have it loosely assembled, you simply just fit this on the stake pocket, make sure this goes inside the stake pocket hole, and then you just tighten the hardware, and that's going to bring this up. It's going to pinch your bed rail and offer a really nice tight secure fit. Now the opening right here for a hook or anything like that measures one and nine 16ths of an inch wide, excuse me, one and one 16ths of an inch wide by nine 16ths of an inch tall, and that's measured from the top of this plate here to the bottom of the opening of the anchor. That's going to do it for today's look at the Erickson Flip Up Stake Pocket Anchors.

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