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Review of Erickson Tow Strap EM59500

Today we're going to be reviewing part number EM59500. This is the Erickson Recovery Tow Strap with the Reinforced Looped Ends. It's going to measure by 2" wide by 20' in length, and it's going to have a break strength capacity of 18,000 lbs. It's going to come with this nice little carrying case that way you can always keep it in a nice little storage compartment, keep it close at hand. That way when you're in those situations where you need to get a vehicle unstuck, you can simply pull it out get everything connected and recover your vehicle. The recovery strap is going to work to release your stuck vehicle, it's going to feature the nylon reinforced looped ends. These are going to be very long lasting and quick and easy to attach, you can see right there that it offers a larger opening to attach it around your hook.

It's got the high tenacity nylon overlay that's going to prevent wear right here on the pull area. The heavy duty webbing is going to stretch an additional 10% once it's tight, that way you're going to have that sling shot effect to help get the stuck vehicle out. Again the dimensions is going to give us a width of 2" and then overall length of 20'. Very heavy duty stitching, this strap feels like it's completely built for strength and durability. It's going to have a webbing strength that's rated at 10,000 lbs per inch of width, the break strength is going to be 18,000 lbs, and then the maximum vehicle weight is going to be 9,000 lbs. Another neat feature is it has this nice elastic strap here, you can place it over the recovery strap that way you can keep it nice and bundled up and put it in your storage area.

The loops are going to be identical, you're going to have one loop on each end, I'm just showing this side because the other side is identical to the one that I'm showing you. Once you're done with your strap, all you got to do is wrap it back up, place this elastic strap over the rest of the strap, it's going to keep it nice and compact. Then you can put it in your little storage bag . and then move it to the storage compartment and it's always there when you need it. That's going to do it for our review of part number EM59500, this is the Erickson Recovery Tow Strap.


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