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Erickson Hitch Pins and Clips Holder - EM25HR Review

Jeff: Hello, everybody. This is Jeff at Today we're going to take a look at the Erickson Box Buddy hitch and hitch pin holder. Now this part will help keep your hitch accessories all stored in one place. This Box Buddy was designed to manage your hitches and your pins in the back of your truck. If those items are left in the bed of your truck, they could roll around while you're driving, making it difficult to reach them when they're needed.To install this, it's a very simple installation.

Drilling is required. You can see the five holes on the back here. It will easily mount to the side of your truck bed with self tapping screws. Now the screws are not included. You would have to supply those, but if you notice on this, the two uprights right here, this is what will hold your hitches.

And then the holes on the top can be used for the hitch pins and the smaller holes for the clips so that they're readily available.This is a nice powder coated metal construction. Help prevent rusting when it's installed in your truck. Now, this part also could be mounted and used to hold your hitches and hitch pins in your toolbox or even your garage. It is designed to hold two hitches.And I do want to give you some measurements here. These posts, these upright posts, the diameter is one and a quarter inches, by one and a quarter inches.

Total height on those posts are four inches tall. The two hitch pin holes, the large holes right up here, diameter on those are going to be right at one inch. And then there's four smaller holes for the clips. One, two over here, and two over here. Those hole sizes, three sixteenths of an inch.Now the overall dimension of this I want to give you, and then we're going to show you how it will hold different parts.

Basically, the height on this at the tallest part, it's going to be right at about eight and three quarter inches tall. The width, which is the widest part right about here, it's going to be right at about eight inches wide. And the depth, which we'll measure from here to right up here, is going to be right at about four inches deep.What I was mentioning is I just wanted to show you here's a ball mount that is designed to fit into a two inch by two inch hitch receiver. So you can see, once this is installed, you could drop this right into place and it'll hold it just like that.Then here's a pin with a clip on it. So if you take that off, you could drop the pin right up in the larger hole and then take your clip and just pop it into the smaller hole. So you can get just like that, keeps it all organized. Keeps them from rolling around, keeps them from touching each other and makes it easily accessible when you're looking for them. But that should do it for the review on the Erickson Box Buddy hitch and hitch pin holder.

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