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Review of Erickson Cargo Tie Downs EM58629

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number EM58629. This is the Erickson ratchet tie down strap with the double J hook design. The thing that makes this strap unique is it's going to have the floating rings. We'll talk in depth a little bit about that. The part number on this, again, EM58629. It's going to measure two inches wide. You're going to get a total length of twenty feet of strap, and it's going to have a safe working load limit of thirty-three hundred pounds.

These heavy duty tie down straps are going to let you secure cargo in your truck bed or on your trailer. It's got the floating D rings that are going to allow you to anchor the strap in to almost anything. I've been in situations where using a double J hook strap, I can't get it necessarily around the frame of my trailer, because it's too thick. That's where this strap really comes in handy. What you can do is you can actually just place the strap around the side rails of your trailer, and then you can use the floating rings to hook the J hook to, so it would hook in here around the frame. Loop it around the frame.

Hook it into the floating hook, and simply just pull the strap tight for a nice solid connection. These are a great feature to have. It's, again, going to allow you to connect to really anything out there if the double J hook doesn't fit around the anchor point. It's also got the nice ratchet mechanism. It's going to make it very easy to tighten down the strap, and it's, also, going to maintain the tension on the strap. It's got the nice large release lever.

That's going to be this right here that I'm pulling up on. It's going to allow you to disengage the ratchet when you're ready to unload your gear. Nice double J hook design. Heavy duty design to secure the anchor points, and, again, you have that floating hook if the anchor point is too wide to fit the J hook around. Now, all the areas that you see on here, like the ratchet mechanism, the J hook, the floating rings, they're all going to have a Chromate plating on it that's designed to really stand up well against rusting, corrosion, so you don't have to worry about these wearing on out on you. This unit meets WSTDA recommendations. Again, the strap itself is going to measure two inches wide.

It's going to give us an overall length of twenty feet long. The short lead that we have coming out of the ratchet mechanism, that's going to give us an overall length of twenty-four inches. Safe working load limit is thirty-three hundred pounds, and then the maximum load or break strength is going to be rated at ten thousand pounds. Now, please keep in mind that tie down straps must be chosen according to their safe working load limit. You just want to make sure that the weight of the secured cargo does not exceed the combined working load limit of the straps being used. Here on our long strap, this needs to get threaded into the ratchet mechanism. I'm going to show you how to do that real quick. What you need to do is find the exposed end, so you're going to have the short lead that's attached to the ratchet already. Then you're going to have your long strap. That's going to have another floating D ring on it, as well as the double J hook design on one end, exposed strap on the other end. I find it easiest just to go ahead and open up the ratchet mechanism. It's got a nice little gap in there. I'm going to go to rotate that, so that it's somewhat facing up. It just makes it easier to run our straps through. I'm going to take our strap through the backside of the ratchet. I'm going to go straight through that gap, and I'm simply going to bring the strap over top of the place where I just put it through. Just make a U-turn with it, and then run it back out. It's really simple to get it installed inside the ratchet mechanism. We'll go ahead and ratchet it down a few times. That way you can see how smooth of an operation this is. Another neat thing is its got all the information printed right there on the strap itself, so you got the logo, you got the safe working load limit, capacity, all that stuff printed right on the strap for a constant reminder. Nice sized level, so it's going to allow you to get the leverage you need. Really simple operation. Once you're ready to disengage the strap or loosen up the strap over your load, all you have to do is pull up on the release lever, open it all the way up, and then you can simply bring your strap back out of the ratchet mechanism, or at least loosen it up over your load, so you can remove your load from your truck bed or from your trailer. That's going to do it for today's review of part number EM58629. .

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