Erickson Cargo Tie Downs - Tie Down Strap - EM05515 Review

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Review of Erickson Cargo Tie Downs EM05515

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number EM05515. These are the Erickson Ratchet tie down straps with the S hooks located on each end. Straps are going to measure one inches wide by six feet long. You're going to get a total of four straps, they're all identical, so I just pulled one out of the package to go over some of the more detailed features. Tie down straps are going to let you secure your cargo in your truck bed or trailer. They can be used for a variety of applications, whether it's securing something on your roof, again, your truck bed, on your trailer, enclosed trailer.

You can use it around the house for different purposes. You can also use it cargo management on a hitch mounted cargo carrier, motorcycle tie down, whatever the case may be these are very versatile and again, they just have a lot of different uses. It's going to feature a nice, ratchet mechanism. This is the unit that's going to make it possible to tighten the strap down over the load and maintain the tension on the strap so it's got a nice ratchet design. Pretty easy to do, nice fluid motion, it works really smoothly. This is made from a rust proof, stainless steel construction so they're very durable and strong.

They're going to be long lasting and they're going to stand up well against rust and corrosion. Located on each end, we're going to have the vinyl coated S hooks. The coating's really nice because that's going to prevent scratches on our gear and anchor points. The webbing or the strap is going to be made from a polyester construction. It's got a heavy stitched design, cross stitching for strength and durability and these products are going to be made in the USA. Again, the strap dimension's going to measure one inch wide by six feet long.

Safe working load limit per strap is going to be four hundred pounds. That's going to give us a maximum load or break strength rating of twelve hundred pounds. Again, with this part number, you're going to get a total of four straps. Now, when you're ready to loosen the load or loosen the strap over the load, all you got to do is pull down on this release lever here, spring loaded. It's going to allow you to open up the ratchet mechanism and that's going to disengage the tension on the strap and that's going to allow the strap to be loosened over the load. You can see there, as I pull on the strap, the ratchet mechanism is actually reversing which is going to allow us to gain the slack we need in our strap to remove the tension from the load that we had tied down. Always keep in mind that straps must be chosen according to their safe working load limit.

You want to make sure that the weight of your secured cargo does not exceed the combined working load limit of the straps being used. That's going to do it for our review of part number EM05515. These are the Erickson ratchet tie down straps.

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