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Epicord RV Wiring - Power Inlet - 277-000139 Review

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Review of Epicord Wiring 277-000139

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Epicord 50 amp twist-lock power inlet. This inlet allows you to create a new inlet location or replace an old one. It's going to come with installation instructions to help with the installation process. The construction is strong and durable. It's a design that's going to use corrosion-resistant materials. It's going to feature a white face plate, this offers a nice, clean, stylish look. This is what would be visible from the outer part of your camper, RV, or marine application.

It's got the nice lid on there which gives it a full opening. We've got the gasket on the inside to create a nice tight seal when it's closed to keep out the elements. And then when it's shut, it doesn't shut all the way. You have to push it in, and when it clicks, that means it's fully compressed, it's fully closed, and nothing else is going to get in there, it's not going to open up during travel. This is a CETL and ETL US listed. When it comes to the amperage, it's going to have a max of 50 amps.

The voltage is capable of up to 250 volts, so this is going to work well for your 110 or 220 application. It's going to come with a rear safety enclosure, that's this piece right here. And it's going to come with the necessary hardware to get this piece installed. Pull that off to the side so you can kind of see how the unit's constructed here at the back. And this does require a 2 1/2 inch diameter hole for a new installation. It's also going to come with a gasket.

This is going to sit between the back of the inlet and the mounting surface. It's going to provide some cushion, and it's going to protect the mounting surface or whatever surface you have this installed up against. It does require the use of six gauge wiring per the instructions, and your installation hardware is not included. In the instructions, they recommend that you use number 8 pan head stainless steel screws. It's got four mount holes, one on each corner right here. We'll go over some measurements here in a moment. Basically, once you have the hole cut and you have this in place, you will need to thread the wiring from the RV through the built-in strain relief device right here.

This is going to clamp around the jacketing on the wire, and if the wire gets tugged, it's going to keep the connection point safe. It's going to keep the wire from becoming disconnected, because the pull force is all going to be taken up by the strain relief device right here. Once you have them through there, you'll need to strip back the wiring and then you can insert the wiring through the color-coded openings here at the back of the inlet. Then on each connection point we're going to have a set screw that goes with it. So get the wires in there, tighten the terminal screws, and then you're going to have that part completed. That part's going to be installed. Then you're ready to tighten everything else down and finish the installation. Real quick, I just want to go over the overall measurements here of the actual inlet, the front face. This is going to give us a width measurement, outer edge to outer edge, of about 3 5/16 of an inch. Going this direction, that's going to give us a measurement closer to 3 3/4 of an inch. The mount holes on the unit, it's a square design, so the mount holes are in a square pattern. Those are going to be separated on center by 2 7/16 of an inch. Goes around there .. That's going to do it for today's look at the Epicord 50 amp twist lock power inlet.

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Why do they always make these plugs come out straight. Once inside the trailer if it turned to a 45 or even a 42 degree bend it would not take up so much room. you wouldnt have to bend the wires after they come out of the plug it should save about 2 to 3 inches. on the inside wall.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

I'm honestly not sure why these are designed that way but I believe the reasoning is to protect the wiring as much as possible.

Alfredo P.

Do you also sell a 90 degree Male plug which will mate with the one on video

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Rachael H.

Yes we do. We have several 50 amp twist lock cords that have a 90 degree twist lock end and the other will plug directly in to a shore power 50 amp location. I have included the link to the options we currently offer.

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