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Review of EVO Formance Vehicle Lights - Replacement Bulbs - CM93387

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EVO Formance Vehicle Lights - Replacement Bulbs - CM93387 Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the Sepa Evoformance Spectra's H11 halogen bulbs. Now this is going to give you that HID-like output. As you can see it's going to be a very bright white with that kind of bluish tint to it, so that's going to mimic our HID bulbs or high intensity discharge bulbs. This is going to give you a greater range of vision since it's going to be a lot nicer look to it than your typical kind of Yellowish Tan from your OEM lights.They're also going to be a very long lasting bulb. They're going to have 800 hours of life. This is going to have a color temperature of 8,000 Kelvin, so again, we'll get that nice bright white with that kind of crisp bluish tint to it.

So it's going to make your headlights look very unique. The construction of this is going to be high quality. It's going to make it a long lasting durable bowl. It's a pretty easy install, just is going to plug into the socket of your factory light.Let me go ahead and switch on my studio lights here, and turn off my bulbs so we can talk a little bit more about these in a pair. Just wanted to show you what that's going to look like once it's lit up.

Again, since it's not in the housing it will look a little bit different, but that's going to be the general color that you'll get from these lights.The light itself just plugs into that socket. I had it here just connected to my power and ground, but we'll have our plug there, that's going to be the H11 style plug. We'll have a little grommet to go around for keeping out any water from getting into our headlight itself. Now these are intended to be used as off road lights, since they are not going to meet the DOTs specification for headlights, so keep that in mind.A lot of people do change out their headlights, but technically these are a bit brighter than what you're supposed to have out on the road. We'll also get in our kit to smaller T10 bulbs.

These can be used for a lot of applications. These are just kind of a little freebie that they throw in there for you, and I'll connect these up to power and ground. But, these are going to have a lot of different applications depending on what vehicle you're using this with.It could work for your dome light, maybe an accessory light. That T10 bulb is just going to be pretty universal type bulb. And, got my wires crossed, but it's just kind of a nice thing that they throw in there for a little extra lighting in your vehicle since you're already getting your headlights redone, you can get these as well.

So as you can see, we'll have our smaller bulb there.It's just blinking 'cause I don't have a very good clamp on it with my ground. Turn out the lights in the studio again, let's be able to see how bright this. So it's going to be fairly bright, not nearly as bright as our halogen bulb of course, but bright enough for any of those accessory lights that we might have. And again, that's just a little extra that they throw in with our halogens.We'll also get an evo sticker so we can show our support if you want. Again, our bulbs, we're going to get two of them. It's going to be the bulb type H11. These are going to have that 800 hour bulb life. Our wattage is going to be 75 watts at 12 volts, and these are going to produce 850 lumens at that 8,000 Kelvin color temperature. And that's going to do it for our look at the Sepa Evoformance Spectra H11 halogen bulbs in blue, in a quantity of two.

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