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Duracell Battery Charger - Battery Charger Maintainer - DU59FR Review

Ellen: Hey everybody. I'm Ellen here at and we're taking a quick look at the Duracell Battery Charger and Maintainer. This is something that's a really smart idea to have in your garage or in your toolkit, maybe as an emergency supply as well. And it's just going to make sure that you have a ready-to-go battery at all times. So any kind of accessory, any kind of toy that you've got into garage, you can always make sure that that battery is charged up. It also helps protect from any kind of issues that might happen whenever you do have a charger.

So you don't have to worry about any kind of overcharging with this. It's going to constantly monitor that level of power that's going to your battery. So it's going to keep it from any kind of issues. A lot of times with lead acid batteries especially, they can kind of develop some problems when they've just been sat or left alone to sit.They can kind of get stratified or they just start to crystallize, and it's not the best thing. So this is going to help to maintain that charge, maintain the life of the battery.

It's also safe to use with all kinds of other batteries, including AGM, gel and lithium ion. So a very versatile kit, and it kind of gives you two different ways to attach to those batteries as well. So I think it's a pretty cool little gadget to have in your garage. Let's take a closer look and talk a little bit more about the specifics. Another thing that I really like about this is that it is IP65 rated.

The IP rating is just a, basically a third-party testing where they run it through the rigors to make sure that it's dustproof and to see how waterproof it is as well. And that IP6 is dustproof.That second number, the five, means that this has been tested with water jets, and it's been able to stand that without any issues. So you can have this out in the rain, really shouldn't cause any issues with it, and can stay working for a long time. So even if you're putting this through some pretty rugged terrain, you shouldn't have any problems to arise with it. Another nice thing about this unit is that it does have an LCD display, so it makes it easy to see what's going on.

I don't have it plugged up, so you can't see what that looks like. Not really much to show without having a battery here, but it would show you if you've got six volts or 12 volts selected. Also allows you to see if you've got lithium ion selected as an option as well, and then shows you the level of charge that battery has that you're connected to.As I mentioned, it can work with those different battery types. To switch it over to use with the lithium ion, those usually just require a kind of a different charging technique. You just press and hold that button here on the side. Same thing if you want to switch from six volts to 12 or vice versa, just press and hold that button up here. So pretty easy to use in that respect. The end that's going to plug into our accessory has this quick connect, so you can use that with either one of the connectors here. This is going to be the little alligator clamp guys. So just plug that in and make sure it gets a nice seat. And then we can plug in to our accessory. Of course, black goes to negative, red goes to positive. It is also printed on those little clamps, just in case you forget, or you're working with somebody who is not as familiar with it.So it should give you pretty easy way to clamp onto just about any kind of battery. If you want something that's maybe a little bit more permanent mounting, you can use the ring terminals. That does also have the quick connect and it also has a dust cap, so you can kind of leave this in the compartment where that battery is housed so that whenever you come back into the garage, you can just plug it right in and it's ready to go. It also has a built-in fuse holder and comes with the fuse. Get that cap off and show you guys that. It's got a 7.5 amp fuse already in place, so it's going to keep everything protected from any issues. Won't blow the unit. It'll just blow that fuse instead if anything happens. Also comes with some screws to mount the wall unit, if you would prefer.So you can see those four screws on the table there. Those are going to mount into those four holes on the sides here. So if you want to mount this up, and again, kind of more for a permanent install, you can have that option. So that's always nice they come with those screws. They look about an inch long, so should get a good bite into most things you have there. Might be kind of hard to see. Those are your inaudible 00:04:17 screws there.That's pretty much it as far as the main features with this. It does have safety features to include output shorts, over temperature, or overcharge protection. So you don't have any worries with those issues. Should keep your battery protected and also helps to recondition that battery, so if it's had some issues before, it'll get that battery up to tip top shape and allow you to keep that item going for many more years. So I hope this has been helpful in deciding if this is the right battery charger and maintainer for you. We do have some other options available here at, but that's always our goal is to make sure that you get the right part the first time. So I hope this video helped. Thanks for watching.

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