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Review of Durabilt Chain Binders - Ratchet Chain Binder with T-Shaped Handle and Chain - DU42MR

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Durabilt Chain Binders - Ratchet Chain Binder with T-Shaped Handle and Chain - DU42MR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Durabilt ratcheting chain binder with T-handle and chain. This is going to allow you to tighten down your chains so that you can secure your heavy loads very quickly and easily. This is gonna be perfect for your agricultural and industrial tie-down applications. This is designed to work with your 5/16 to 3/8 inch chain, so that you can get that load tied down to your trailer and make sure it's nice and secure. This does have a safe working load limit of 7,100 pounds.

That is right here on the side of our handle in case you ever need to find that again. And it does have a proof load limit of 14,200 pounds. On both ends, we are going to have these 3/8 inch grab hooks. And this grab hook is going to be connected to our grade 80 tempered steel chain that allows us six feet of extra reach. And it is gonna be very durable being that grade 80 tempered steel construction.

Up here on our barrel, we do have these 7/8 inch diameter screws that will extend out to provide that extra reach when we're hooking up to our binder. And then on our eight inch barrel, we do have this ratcheting mechanism here that's going to make it very easy to provide that tension to our chains so we can just twist that like so. We're gonna be pulling in, so the screws are making that tighter. And then when we're ready to disconnect, we can just flip the little tab here and that's going to allow us to extend it out the opposite direction. So very, very convenient way of tightening down your chains.

Making sure that your load is going to be very secure in your trailer. And this T-shaped handle is gonna offer a comfortable handhold for you, so that you can either hold with, on either side or kind of just split the middle there. Our overall handle length, all the way from the bottom here to the top of our handle, we're looking at just shy of nine inches. I measured it to be about 8 3/4 of an inch. Our handle length here is right about six inches.

And the hole at the base of our handle is going to provide opportunity for you to use a padlock to put in there. Make sure that everything is gonna be nice and secure for you. That padlock is sold separately, but you have that option to get that mounted for extra security. Now, our take-up is gonna be about six inches, or when we get everything tightened down. So, when we have everything extended out to its maximum, it's gonna be about 99 1/2 inches. When we get everything retracted in, it's gonna be 93 1/2 inches. So again, six inches of take-up. This is a nice durable steel construction, so it is gonna hold up really well for you. It does have this red paint finish, which is gonna make it very highly visible. But paint is probably not the most durable, so I would expect that to come off after a while, but it should give you a nice visual indication where this is when you're getting hooked up and needing to use it. This does meet or exceed the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Web Sling and Tie Down Association, and Department of Transportation standards. So, you can trust it is gonna be a nice quality binder for you to make sure that your chains are gonna be nice and tight on those big items that you're hauling with your trailer. So, that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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