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Review of Durabilt Chain Binders - Ratchet Chain Binder - DU76MR

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Durabilt Chain Binders - Ratchet Chain Binder - DU76MR Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we're gonna take a look at this Durabilt ratcheting chain binder for 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch sized chains. This one has a folding handle and a 12,000-lb working load limit. Now ratchet chain binders like this one will increase the tension in a chain until it's taut using a twisting, ratcheting mechanism. The ratchet binders are often viewed as a safer option 'cause they do not store as much energy in the handle, reducing the risk of recoil and harming the user. And the ratchet binder has a lever and a screw working together, which means it takes less pulling on the handle to apply tension to the binder.

So this is perfect for agricultural and industrial tie down applications. I wanna zoom in right here on our ratcheting mechanism. You can see it makes it very easy to tension the equipment. You just keep ratcheting it. And what's nice on this one if you wanna reverse it, there's this pull knob right here.

It has an arrow pointing this way. Just pull up on this. And turn it 180 degrees. And when you do that, that'll allow you to ratchet in the other direction. It's so very easy to change directions in the rotation.

Also what's nice is you can pull up on this and put it half the way. And you can see that it lets it freewheel. So if you need a quick extension or pull up, you can put it in the freewheel position and do it that way and then click it into the ratchet position. It also allows you to safely remove the ratchet binder when you're finished. Also a nice feature on this one, this has the folding handle.

And if you can see on the very back of it there's the push button here. And this is a push button lock. So if you push it you can see it rotates your handle and it'll lock it into the folded position. Keep it out of the way when it's not in use. And also it's nice if you notice on the handle, it does have a hole in it that you could put a padlock through there and lock it through your chain with a padlock for security. Now the padlock is not included, we do sell those separately. But then when you're ready to use it, just push that button. Rotate your handle back into the operating position. And you're all ready to go, just like that. Now on each end here, they use alloy-forged, half-inch grab hooks on each end to let you quickly connect to your chains. The bearings, these will extend to provide extra reach when hooking your binder to equipment. The screw diameter right here is one inch. And the distance between the bearings. So right now I have 'em screwed all the way in. So these bearings if you measure from here to here, that's gonna close at about 24 3/4 inches. If you unscrew both of these out as far as they will go in the open position it'll give you a distance between the bearings of 32 3/4 inches. So basically the difference is the take up length which is about 8 inches. Now this is a nice steel construction. It's very durable. You can see it has a nice red paint finish on the handle and on the barrel. It makes highly visible. And on the eyes right here, the links, and the hooks they are a yellow zinc finish to resist corrosion. Now this part does near exceed the FMCSA 40, the CHP, the CBSA, WSTDA, and the Department of Transportation's standards. Few specs on this again, the application is for chains with 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch thick lengths. Safe working load limit again on this is 12,000 lbs. The proof load limit is 24,000 lbs. Couple dimensions I wanna give is the handle length measured from here to here. So one end to the other. And if we put our ruler on that, you can see it's right at 14 inches for the handle length. The barrel length measured from here to here is right at 10 inches. And the weight of this binder is about 14 1/2 lbs. But again you can see how you can crank it that way, pull up to rotate it, and you can go the other way. But that should do it for the review on the Durabilt ratcheting chain binder for 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch sized chains with the folding handle..

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