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Du-Ha Vehicle Organizer - Rear Under-Seat Organizer - DU20071 Review

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Review of Du-Ha Vehicle Organizer DU20071

Today were going to review part #: DU20071, this is Du-Ha truck storage box and gun case for under the rear seat, this one is black in color. This is a custom designed storage bin to fit a 2009 to 2012 Ford F150 Super Cab without the factory subwoofer under the rear seat. This under seat truck storage bin can store tools, guns and many more items. It will also keep your items from cluttering the seats and the floor of your vehicle. You can also store your valuables out of sight. This bin is made of a heavy duty polyethylene plastic which will withstand the punishment of everyday use.

This large bin does extend under both rear seats. You would flip up the rear seats, install this underneath, the seats would fall down over it to protect your valuables and your items and it will also, the rear seats will give it a lid over this storage bin. This color does match your trucks interior which would be black. Now this storage bin does come with two dividers, our gun racks and a nylon strap for installation and basically on these dividers what you could do is there are two pieces, one is a very hard plastic which will go along side this other piece which is a dense foam material which is a soft material that has cutouts to be used to hold guns and whats nice about that is when the guns are laid in here this material will not cause any damage to the guns. This hard part would be added next to it to give it support when installed in the storage box, so basically what you would do is you install, theres channel slots in the storage bin, so these would just slide down into those channel slots, this one would slide in there and basically what that does is well give you dividers to divide this storage bin into three compartments, or again you can use it to lay two guns this way.

Now the guns it will hold will not have scopes, you cannot use to hold guns that will have scopes on them and then to install it this nylon strap is included and basically the way this would be installed on your vehicle is you would flip up the rear seats, theres usually a jack, a mounting bracket underneath the rear seat. What youd need to do would be to remove that jack, unbolt the mounting bracket thats there and then what you would do is use one of the bolts from the mounting bracket and theres a hole right here in this storage bin, this will line up with the hole in your vehicle where you mounting bracket was and use one of those bolts to attach this through and tighten it down to the vehicle and then over here on this side you would take this nylon strap, run it through the slot in the storage bin, run this through the seat bracket, bring it back through to the buckle, run it through and then just pull it tight until its snug and that will hold this to your vehicle. Now when you remove the jack and the mounting bracket on your vehicle what you can do is you can store the jack and the jack handle in here or if you want to open up more storage space you can also move the jack, it will fit under your spare tire which is under the rear of the vehicle. If you lower down the spare tire the jack will be able to sit up there and then you can crank your jack back up, so theres either way it can be stored in here or on top of the spare tire underneath the rear of the vehicle. Okay, now what Im going to do is give you some dimensions on this storage bin.

Basically the overall width would be 54 inches, the overall length is 10 inches, the height is 5 inches, back here it would be 7 inches and then with these dividers in it will give you three separate compartments. What Im going to do is give you the width of those. This would be about 13 inches, this would be 25 inches and right here it would be 11 inches. This part is made in the USA and it does come with a lifetime limited warranty and that should do it for part #: DU20071.

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