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Review of Dometic RV Air Conditioner Parts - Mechanical Furnace Thermostat - DMC54FR

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Dometic RV Air Conditioner Parts - Mechanical Furnace Thermostat - DMC54FR Review

Ellen: Hey everybody. I'm Ellen here at and we're taking a quick look at the Dometic mechanical thermostat. Now this is just for your furnace. So it's just going to control the heat in your RV. But this gives you an easy way to do that and connect it into your Dometic system. So if we pop off the cover, we can actually get a look at the system.

It should be pretty simple to get this installed. You do need to supply your own mounting hardware. It doesn't come with any screws for that. So that is one thing that I want to mention, but other than that should be again, pretty simple. So you can just pop off that cover by pulling out on the corners, and then you can see the mechanism inside there.

So again, this is a mechanical device, so there's not a whole lot to it as far as working or moving parts.So the main thing we want to do is look at your old thermostat to determine where the anticipator, which is this little metal piece right here should go. If you don't have it, or you can't find where that was before, they suggest that you set it to about 0.5, there are a couple of little numbers etched in here. So over here at the outset, it's about 0.1 and then we've got 0.4 and then we have 1.0. So I'm going to set it to about a little past 0.4, just since that's the number that they give you. Or you can also check on your furnace to see if there's any setting there, but the best way to do it is to just check with what you had before, if you had a thermostat before in your RV.

So once that's set, you then drill out some holes using the mounting holes here to find your placement.This one does have a little elongated shape so that you can get this nice and leveled off and then tighten everything down. The two wiring connections that you have to make will be on the back. So they are labeled R and W for red and white. Red would be your power. White would be your ground.

As far as actually making any adjustments to the temperature, it's just going to be pretty simple. It's that little slider at the bottom. So actually I'll leave this off so you can see that mechanism at work. So if we slide this over to colder, it's going to keep that connection separate. But if we want to warm it up a bit, once we get past our current temperature, it's going to engage that plate to kick our heat on. So that's basically how that works. It's just like once we get down below, it'll kick off and vice versa. That's pretty much all there is to it. We also have the little switch to just turn on and off the system overall. So this just snaps back on.I'll give you a couple of measurements just for reference as far as how big this thermostat is on the wall. So from the back, because it has a little bit of a taper to it. So, it's about 3 1/8" by about 3 3/4" with those tabs coming up on either side for your on-off and the temperature adjustment. And then it's about an 1 1/2" inaudible 00:03:20 an 1 3/8" thick.It does come with instructions that do a fair job of walking you through it. They're not super detailed, but again, it's a pretty simple process and that's pretty much all there is to it for our quick look at the Dometic mechanical thermostat. I hope that this has been helpful inaudible 00:03:40 if this is the right part for you. We have a lot of accessories for your RVs, motor homes and more here at So be sure to check them out and thanks for watching..

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