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Diamond Vehicle Lights - Replacement Bulbs - DG526261VP Review

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Review of Diamond Vehicle Lights DG526261VP

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the replacement warm white, 120 degree LED bulb for the G4 or JC10 bulb types. This is a directional LED bulb. It is a replacement LED bulb for the top mount or side mount fixtures with a 2-pin connector. LEDs are bright, long-lasting, and energy efficient. The light is emitted at a 120 degree beam angle and these bulbs are 88% more efficient than the incandescent bulbs. They do have about a 50,000 hour life span.

They are dimmable, and they do produce minimal heat. This one gives off a warm white color, and again the bulb type is a top mount or side mount G4 or JC10 bulb.Brightness on this is 180 lumens. Color temperature is 3,500 kelvin. Does use nine diodes, gives you a wattage equivalent of a 10-watt halogen bulb. The power draw on this is .07 amps, and it's for a quantity of one bulb.

What we're going to do is hook up some 12-volt power to this. I just want to show you how bright this little bulb is. We'll go ahead and take our 12-volt power. Once we've got it connected, we'll go ahead and turn off the overhead lights and you can see with it connected. The little bulb has nine diodes, gives off a very bright, warm white color.

180 lumens. We'll go ahead and disconnect it. Turn back on our overhead power.That should do it for the review on the replacement warm white, 120 degree LED bulb, either G4 or JC 10 bulb types.

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