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Review of Dexter Trailer Suspension K71-652-00

Today we're going to be taking a look at the E-Z Flex Heavy-Duty Rubber Suspension System. This system is available for tandem axle applications with part number K71-652-00 and for triple axle applications with part number K71-656-00. This is going to replace standard trailer equalizers and leaf spring suspensions. It is designed for 1 3/4" wide double eye leaf springs. This system's going to deliver nice, smoother towing when compared to traditional leaf spring suspensions. It's got this nice rubber core that isolates and absorbs damaging road shocks before they hit the trailer frame and the contents.

The rubber core's going to last a long time and won't be affected by the elements. It's a very simple installation. It does not require any welding, cutting or grinding of the trailer frame, and it's going to include all the hardware necessary for your installation. It's also going to come with detailed installation instructions. The system is made from a nice, durable steel construction. It's going to feature a protective finish to keep everything safe from the elements so you don't have to worry about rust or corrosion building up.

The system also offers multiple grease zerk fittings for easy maintenance, so you can see on all of the bolt heads as well as the actual equalizer components, we're going to have those zerk fittings. That's going to keep everything well-lubricated and quiet at all moving components, so that's a really nice design of the unit. This is a direct replacement for the Dexter standard equalizer 13-104, so if your equalizer has that number stamped on it, then this will work great for your trailer. If you can't find a stamped number or you have a different brand of equalizer, then you will want to take a few measurements to verify that this system will fit your application. For instance, your axle spacing on your trailer must be 33" apart on center, so from the center of one axle to the center of the other, you need a separation of 33". The distance between the lower bolt holes on this system, that's this one right here and this one right here, is going to flex between 5 1/4" and 6 1/4" and the bolt hole diameters are 9/16th of an inch on the system. If the spacing of the holes on your equalizer is between those measurements, then this will work for your trailer.

The shackle measurement, measuring from one hole to the other, center on center, is going to be 2 1/4" apart, and this is designed for axles that have a capacity up to 6000 pounds. Really nice design, very strong and durable design. I just want to go over what it's going to come with. It's going to come with these four bolts right here. They all have grease zerk fittings on them, and it's going to come with the brass bushings for those. These do have the splines on them, so it forces into the mounting location.

Then it's going to come with the nuts to get everything tightened and secured. These are going to be designed for the end of the leaf spring that does not connect to the equalizer. Then you're going to get your equalizers. Again, it is available for tandem axle applications and for triple axle applications. You're going to have your center bolt. This is going to connect to the center hanger, bushings already included there, and you're going to have the nut to get that tightened down as well. Again, that's going to have the splines on it also. You're going to get all of your necessary shackles. The bolts on those shackles are already pre-installed, so you don't have to worry about that. The other end of your leaf spring's going to connect right here. It's going to come with a brass bushing. I just went ahead and loosely installed it all so you can kind of get a good idea of how the unit's going to work. It's also going to come with all the necessary hardware to get all that tightened down. That's going to do it for today's look at the E-Z Flex Heavy-Duty Rubber Suspension System.

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