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Dexter Axle Trailer Hubs and Drums - Hub with Integrated Drum - 8-257-5UC3-EZ Review

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Review of Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums 8-257-5UC3-EZ

Today were going to review part number 8-257-5UC3-EZ. This is the Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly for 2000 lb axles with electric brakes. This part does come with the inner and outer bearings, in this case it will be the same part number, L44649. It comes with the part number 10-9 grease seal. It comes with the five 1/2-inch cone seat lug nuts and the E-Z lube grease cap that fits on the outer edge of your hub there. And the reason this is an E-Z lube grease cap is because the center is actually a rubber plug that can be removed to gain access to the zerk fitting when you grease your spindle.

Now this application will fit most 2000 lb axles with the 1 and 1-1/6 spindles. It is for use with the 7-inch by 1-1/4 inch electric brakes only. The drum dimension on this is 7 inches by 1-3/4 wide and the bolt pattern is 5-lug on 4-1/2 inches. And to give you a few measurements on this, I need to mention that the bearing races are included also but they do come pressed in the hub. All of our hub and drum assemblies will come with the races already preinstalled.

The outer race would be right here. The inner race would be right in there. And let me give you the measurements. The drum size is 7 inches which we measured inside to inside would be 7 inches. The bolt pattern is 5-lug on 4-1/2 inch and the way to determine that is on a lug pattern that is an odd number of lugs like in this case five.

All you would need to do is measure from the center of one lug to the center of the lug right next to it. Either direction would work. So in this case if we measure it will be 2-5/8 inches. And if you look on the chart on the product page for this part number it would show you that the bolt pattern would be 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern. And that should do it for the review on part number 8-257-5UC3-EZ..

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Hello from Don your customer...I have an older Kendon 3 motorcycle folding trailer with 12 inch tires. No Brakes. It has the Dexter axel with the inner holes in the axel to allow pumping in new grease into the fitting until you see the old dirty grease come out and the service is done. I think the maximum trailer load capacity is about 1300 lbs. I think it is a fairly light duty trailer with the Dexter torsion axel suspension...It is white in color.Having done this...I have noticed a noisy bearing on one side...and not being expert enough to do the work or removal and inspection. I was wondering if the bearing is just loose or am I at the point where I should just have the hub and bearings race etc. replaced. I would be buying the parts from you, but I see that it is not an easy task for a novice like myself. The pattern is a 5 on 41/2 I am pretty sure. 12 in medium duty tires. its about 10 or more years old with unknown miles, but I suspect not a lot of miles. I bought new tires with wheels from you, but they are still in the box because of my lack of direction on what to buy.I am hoping to buy the correct Dexter hub and bearing sets for both wheels from you if I knew which to buy. I am hoping that one of the E trailer experts might have some experience with this so that I can buy the right items from you on the first try. I will have to have a pro install this though as I am an older guy with limited talent and tools.Your input is appreciated
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Patrick B.

The bearings might need to be replaced, even with few miles. Moisture can still get inside the hub over that length of time and the bearings may be corroded or damaged. Though the process takes some time and can be a bit messy with all the grease, it is actually not all that complicated or difficult. Ihave added links to some videos that should be helpful for you. Even with the EZ-Lube spindle, you need to pack the bearings by hand before you put the hub on, then use the EZ-Lube grease fitting to fill it the rest of the way. I can tell you what Dexter typically uses on that size axle and wheel pattern, but if the axle was a cutstom spec for the trailer builder, the parts may be different. Bearings will have their size etched or engraved and that is the easiest way to ID them. If the engraving can no longer be seen, then a set of dial calipers will allow us to measure and ID the bearings.

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