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Review of Dexter Trailer Axles 35545I-EZ-89

Today we're going to review part number 35545I-EZ-89. This is the Dexter Trailer Axle with the Idler Hubs. The bolt pattern is a 5 on 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern. It's an easy lube design and has a 3500 pound weight capacity. Now this Axle being will act as part of your trailer suspension system. It is used to replace an axle on your trailer and it's made of a high strength steel construction. Now this is a under slung design. If you can see the spring seats on each end are welded to the under side of an axle for mounting your lease springs to. The under slung design will give you a low ride height which makes it easier to load and unload your trailer. Now you might notice in the very center here, there's a bend near the center of the axle, this is what ensures the proper camber angle.

Basically each axle manufacture to create a certain camber angle. This will ensure that the angle of the wheels is correct for your towing needs. Each axle is made so that your trailer's tires will run along the pavement evenly with contact across the whoIe width of the thread. The result is an excellent straight line acceleration for steady in line tracking. Having the center of the axle a bit higher and the sides bent lower allows the axle to give just enough when you put a load on your trailer. That load would push down on that and even that out and give you the correct contact patch of your tires. Now this does include the straight easy lube spindles on each end if you can see here and it also includes the spindle knot, the D washer and the knot retainer.

There is no drop to these spindles. At the very end, this is a easy lube design, so there's an easy lube zerk fitting, it's a grease zerk fitting that you attach a grease gun to and that would lube the bearings that are installed on here. Now the spring seats right here and the spindles and these break mounting flanges are all welded on. Now this part does come with these cast iron idler hubs which are sturdy and durable. Now the idler hubs do not have breaks so you won't be using these break mounting flanges, those would be used . those in the wiring that's included here would be used if you're wanted to eventually down the road upgrade to putting electric breaks on the axle itself. This part number actually just comes with the idler hubs. Now the bearings, as you see here, the inner and outer bearings are all included.

The races are already pre-installed into the idler hubs themselves, the grease seals, the grease caps and these are the easy lube that have the rubber plug that comes up so you can access the zerk fitting, they are all included. Comes with the 10 1/2 inch log knots and this marine grade wheel bearing grease is also included. Now the capacity on this is, its weight capacity is 3500 pounds. There are some measurements on this axle with . there's multiple ways you can measure the length of an axle beam but the hub face to hub face and spring center to spring center lengths are your most accurate. Hub face would be when you put these idler hubs on and connect them all down. If you'd measure from the length of ...

measure from the base of 1 wheel stud to the base of the wheel stud on the other side, that would give you the hub face to hub face measurement and I'll do that just right now. I don't have the hubs on but just to give you an idea of the length once they would be installed. it's going to give you 89 inches, would be your hub face to hub face length. Now the other most accurate measurement would be the spring center to spring center length and that's basically right here. The approximate width of your trailer is measured from the center of 1 spring seat on 1 side to the center of the spring seat on the other side. Again if we just run center spring seat to center here, it's 74 inches. Now there's also another measurement which is the break mounting flange to the break mounting flange. Now that is not as accurate as the first 2 I mentioned to you but I'll still give it to you. It's good to use if you're replacing an axle you have on there. It's going to be 82 5/8 inches. Now on these idler hubs, these are a 5 log 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern hub. They do come with the half inch log knots that bolt them onto and they will use a wheel size anywhere from 13 inches on up to 17 1/2 inches. Now the 2 big outer diameter on this axle is 2 3/8 inches. The spindle size is 1 1/16 inches. The break flange configuration, if you go to use this down the road and want to put electric breaks on it is a 4 bolt configuration. And that should do it for the review on part number 35545I-EZ-89. The Dexter Trailer Axle with the Idler Hubs with the 5 on 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern. It's an easy lube design and a 3500 pound weigh capacity. .

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