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Dexter Axle Trailer Hubs and Drums - Hub - 52655IEU Review

Today we're going to take look at the Trailer Idler Hub Assembly. This is going to have a five thousand, two hundred pound axle capacity, and it's gonna have a six on five and a half bolt pattern with an easy lube spindle. This is gonna be a great option for anything where you need a spindle and hub, but you don't need the full axle assembly, something like a portable welder or a cattle squeeze chute or an industrial dolly, just anything where you need that wheel hub, but not the full axle, so something a little bit shorter.This end unit is gonna come completely assembled, with the easy lube option. It's gonna make it a lot easier to maintain your bearings on the inside there. Just pull off that rubber cap. Probably need a screwdriver just a flat-headed screwdriver to pull that off.

That's gonna keep everything from getting in to our assembly, keep any dust or water from getting in there and damaging anything, but it also gives us a pretty quick and easy way to lube up those bearings. So as you can see, we'll have our grease zerk on the end. You can pump that full of your grease. You just want to use a high temp grease or whatever is right for your application. You can find a lot of axle grease options here at, so if you need some you can pick that up right here.Now again, this is going to work for five thousand, two hundred pound axles.

The bolt pattern is again going to be six on five and a half. So that's six studs and there gonna be five and a half inches apart, going from one to the opposite side. So, from one stud to the other would be five and a half inches, center to center. The shank size is going to be two and a quarter by three inches. And again, this does have a capacity of two thousand, six hundred pounds on it's own.

To put our cap back in place, you just need to align that groove there. Put it into the cap, and push it into position.And that's gonna do it for our look at the Trailer Idler Hub Assembly.

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