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Dexter Axle Trailer Hubs and Drums - Hub - 84545UC1-EZ Review

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Review of Dexter Axle Trailer Hubs and Drums 84545UC1-EZ

Speaker 1: Today I'll be taking a look at the Dexter Trailer Idler Hub Assembly for 3,500 pound EZ-Lube axles, with the 5 on 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern. Now this hub assembly is designed to fit the EZ-Lube trailer Idler axles, and the EZ-Lube axles are the ones that'll have the spindles on the end that have a grease surfening 00:16, that allow you to lubricate your bearings without having to remove the hub. This part will include everything shown here on the table, the hub assembly itself, both the inner and outer bearings, the bearing races, which are pre-installed in the hub, the grease seal, the easy-lube grease cap, the spindle jam nut and nut retainer, and the wheel lug nuts to hold the wheels to your hub.Now the cap that comes with it is an EZ-Lube compatible grease cap, makes lubricating very fast and easy. And as I mentioned, it has a rubber plug that you can . when this is installed, you pull that rubber plug out, and this allows access to that grease surfening on the end of your spindle, allows you to grease your bearings, no need to disassemble the hub.Now the hub is a sturdy iron construction, it is made in the USA. Application again for this is 3,500 pound EZ-Lube trailer axles, with the number 84 spindles.

The wheel size that'll work on this hub is 13" up to 15". The bolt pattern again is a 5 on 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern. The wheel stud diameter is half an inch. Weight capacity on this one assembly is 1,750 pounds, so when one of these is mashed on one end or one side with one on the other side, it'll meet your 3,500 pound axle capacity.Now the bearings that are included, the inner bearing, which is the larger one, is part number L68149, has an inner diameter of 1.378 inches, that goes onto the inner bearing race just like that. The next one is the outer bearing, it's part number L44649, has an inner diameter of 1.063, goes into the bearing race just like that.

Now the bearing race, as we mentioned, are all pre-installed here. A double lip grease seal, it's part number 58846, has an inner diameter of 1.719 inches, outer diameter of 2.565 inches. That'll go in the back here after you put your bearing in there, then you put your seal in there.The grease cap, we mentioned, is the EZ-Lube grease cap, part number 21-41-1, has a flange diameter of 1.986. That goes around the outside here, after you put the bearing in there. The spindle jam nut with the nut retainer, and the 5-1 nut size 1/2 inch by 20, part number X1023R, and those lug nuts are used to hold your wheel to your hub.But that should do it for the review on the Dexter Trailer Idler Hub Assembly for 3,5000 pound EZ-Lube Axles, with the 5 on 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern..