Review of Dexter Axle Trailer Brakes - Electric Drum Brakes - K23-472-473-00

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Dexter Axle Trailer Brakes - Electric Drum Brakes - K23-472-473-00 Review

Today we're gonna take a look at the Dexter electric trailer brake kit. Now this is going to be two assemblies. One for the left hand side, and right hand side. Or the driver and passenger side on your trailer.These are going to be a lot easier to use than your typical hydraulic brakes. You're gonna have a lot more user control. The only requirement to utilize these is going to be an electric brake controller.

If you don't already have one, you can find one here at We've got a lot of options. Those are sold separately.There's no actuator to worry about with these electric brakes, no hydraulic lines to run. It's just gonna be pretty much an electrical connection that we need to make at the back once we have our brakes mounted. We'll have two wires to connect.

One goes to power, one goes to ground. It doesn't really matter which wire goes to what function. They're pretty much interchangeable.The nice thing about having a kit with both brakes and everything all at once, is that it's all gonna wear at the same rate. You don't have to worry about changing out our brake pads, or changing out any of the springs or other mechanisms inside the brakes. It's all gonna wear together and last the same amount of time.

Just put it on there and you're good to go.On the back we'll have two plugs where we can make our adjustments on the brakes. These are a manual adjust so they will take adjustment periodically. To do that you'll just put through a flop head screw driver, or maybe brake spoon to adjust that pressure.It's going to move that cylinder so that our brake pads expand or contract as we need them to. Again you can pick up a brake spoon here at Or again you can use just a flat blade screwdriver.The bolt pattern on the back is going to be a four volt design.

This is going to have a 10 inch diameter. And that refers to the diameter going to the outside edge of each brake shoe to the other. You can see there, 10 inch diameter.The brake pad is also going to have a 1 1/2" width. So that's what those measurements refer to there. 10 inch diameter, 1 1/2" width. This will work for wheel sizes 13 inches, 14 inches, 14 1/2 inches, and 15 inches. And this is designed to work with axles that are rated at 3000 pounds.This product is made in the USA. It comes with the mounting hardware, and two plugs for our brake adjustments to make sure that it keeps out any dirt and grime. So our brakes are gonna last that much longer. And this will work with most hub assemblies.That's gonna do it for our look at the Dexter electric trailer brake kit.

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