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Review of Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - Leaf Spring Suspension - 8327872-EB

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Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - Leaf Spring Suspension - 8327872-EB Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the Dexter Trailer Axle with Electric Brakes. This axle is going to have E-Z Lube spindles on either side and you'll notice that it also has a four inch drop, so we'll talk about what all that means and also what's going to come with your kit. So basically our axle is going to act as the basis for our suspension system on our trailer and this is going to give you a pretty much complete kit to either fabricate a new trailer for your application and make sure that everything is going to wear the same. We'll have the new axle, the new brakes, hubs, bearings, races, seals and lug nuts as well.So all of that is going to wear at the same time.

Or if you just had a damage axle on your trailer, it's going to replace that out and make sure that everything is fresh and ready to go. Now this axle does have a 7000 pound max weight capacity. Our length from hub-face-to-hub-face is going to be 94 inches. If we go from the spring seat to spring seat, that's going to be 78 and a quarter inch.I really like that this kit comes with everything, so again, you know that everything's going to wear the same. We'll also get a tube of Marine-Grade Grease to go with that so it makes it easier for getting everything lubed up and doing that maintenance periodically.

Now you'll notice that this does have a four inch drop. The advantage with that is that is going to make it a lot easier to load up our equipment onto our trailer. If we dropped down the deck plate of our trailer, it's going to make it a lot easier since if you think of your ramps as coming up to meet your trailer. If we lower that down, now the angle for our ramp is also lowered and a little bit more gradual, so just make those things easier to load and unload.With our kit, we're going to get our grease cap and that has that E-Z Lube opening there so you can just pop out that little rubber piece to put on your grease gun to get everything greased up. I just had this kind of lightly in there so you would want to have it all the way tapped down so this lip is net mashed up to your hub there.

If we take that off, we can see the E-Z Lube grease zerk is going to come with the keeper, the nut, the D-washer and again all those varying seals and races as well. Our hub is going to be made of a cast iron material so it's going to be very long lasting and heavy duty.The bolt pattern for this is going to be an eight so we'll have eight studs on six and a half, so that's a distance from one stud to the other center-on-center. The diameter of each of those studs is a half inch. We'll get all eight lug nuts for each of our hubs as well. We'll have also our electric brakes that are attached to our axle, so place that cap there for now, so we will have to make that electrical connection on our electric brakes as well.As far as the other specs with this, it is going to have a drum dimension of 12 inches in diameter by two inches wide.

Again that bolt pattern eight on six and a half. The spindle drop is going to be four inches and this is also an underslung design, so that means that our spring seat is located on the bottom of the axle. Again to help lower down that trailer, making it easier to load and unload. The actual tubing outer diameter is going to be three inches and the grease cap outer diameter is going to be 2.72 or about two and three quarter inches. This works with wheel sizes of 16 inches. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty and it is made in the USA.Our axle is made of a high-strength steel construction, you might notice that there's a little bit of a bend to it and that's to help give us that zero camber design. So as the weight presses down on the axle, it has a little bit of room to give and still hold true, but it keeps our wheels going in that straight lines. We don't have any pitch in or out. No camber in or out and that also helps to keep our treads wearing evenly across the width of that wheel or tire excuse me. But that's pretty much going to do it for our look at the Dexter Trailer Axle with Electric Brakes and E-Z Lube spindles.

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