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Dexstar Tires and Wheels - Wheel Only - AM20312 Review

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Review of Dexstar Tires and Wheels AM20312

Today, we're going to review part number AM20312. This is the Dexstar 14 inch x 5-1/2 inch vintage steel trailer wheel with the 1/2 inch positive offset. Also, has the 4 on 9.44 inch bolt pattern and silver sparkle in color. Now, this wheel is a vintage wheel. It's also called the 494 wheel because of its bolt pattern or the star design because the opening here looks like a star pattern. It's made of a sturdy steel construction, has a silver sparkle powder coat finish over an e-coat primer. This will provide excellent corrosion resistance, and when I say silver sparkle, what is nice about it is its silver paint, and in the paint, those have a sparkle to it.

Very nice finish. The star pattern right here creates that vintage look. Now, this wheel does have a positive offset, which means it ensures that the wheel is positioned closer to the trailer frame. It is a high quality wheel that meets the Department of Transportation specifications. Now, few dimensions on this. This is a 14 inch diameter x 5-1/2 inches wide. Now, when you go to measure that, you're going to be actually be measuring where the tire would seat on the wheel.

Basically, when you mount a tire, the beads of the tire would seat right in here, so you're going to measure bead seat to bead seat across, so inside to inside. If we put a ruler on it, you can see it's 14 inches in diameter, and then for the width, we're going to do the same way, inside to inside, bead seat to bead seat. You'll see that it's 5-1/2 inches wide. Now, the bolt pattern on this wheel is a 4 on 9.44 inch bolt pattern. Basically, what that saying is if you need to measure that what you do is there's four holes here. If you pick one hole, you would measure from the center of that, go directly to one across from it and measure to that center or you can pick this one and go across, so either way.

We're going to go center to center this way. You'll be able to see, measures out about 9.44 inches, so 4 lug 9.44 inches. Does use the wheel lug size of 1/2 inch x 20. Does have a load capacity of 1860 pounds, and I did mention this does have a 1/2 inch positive offset. Basically, what that means is most trailer wheels nowadays where this would mount to your trailer, this surface right here would be in line with the center line of the wheel. That would be a zero offset.

Most trailers now use the zero offset. This being a vintage wheel, some of the older trailers would need more clearance underneath around the axle, so this wheel actually has a 1/2 inch positive meeting this mounting surface. Instead of being right at zero, we'll move a 1/2 inch positive which is to the outside of the wheel, and when it does that, it will move this wheel entire closer to the trailer frame, but that should do it for the review on part number AM20312, the Dexstar 14 inch x 5-1/2 inch vintage steel trailer wheel with the positive 1/2 inch offset and the 4 on 9.44 inch bolt pattern. .

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