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Review of Demco Tow Bar Parts - 6 Inch High Low Adapter - DM9523060

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Demco Tow Bar Parts - 6 Inch High Low Adapter - DM9523060 Review

Ellen: Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the Demco six inch drop or rise receiver. This is going to be a high low adapter for connecting your RV to your towed vehicle. A lot of times one is going to be a little bit higher than the other. Either our towed vehicle is taller than our RV's hitch or vice versa.

Usually it's going to be actually that latter configuration, so whenever we're towing we want to make sure that everything is sitting nice and level, so that there's no added undue stress on our tow bar or base plate or our RV's hitch. So having an adapter going between them, it's going to alleviate those problems. Make sure that everything is towing straight in a straight line and we don't have any issues. This is going to give us that six inches of drop or rise.If you flip it over and this receivers on top, that would be the rise position. Right now it's in the drop position.

And so that's going to be a pretty good gap. If you don't know how to find the distance or the difference between your towed vehicle and your RV. Basically what you'll do, take a tape measure and go from the center of your RV's hitch to the ground. And then go to your base plate, the attachment point there, from the center of that attachment point to the ground. Subtract the two from each other.

If your hitch on your RV is taller than your towed vehicle, you'll need a drop. If it's the other way around, your towed vehicle is higher than your RV, you need a rise. And whatever that number differences is how much you'll need. So if you're the different difference between your RV and your towed vehicle was six inches, you're in the right place.This also has a pretty high weight rating. It has a gross towing weight rating of 10,500 pounds, so pretty good amount of weight that you can tow with this.

Some of your bigger SUVs, and things like that, will have a higher gross vehicle weight rating so this will work out well for them. It does have a tongue weight rating of only a hundred pounds, which I know doesn't sound like very much and it's not. That's because Demco really doesn't intend this for any other purpose. And as far as the tongue weight that you'll have on the receiver, if you're using it for a RV situation where you're towing a vehicle, you really don't have that much tongue weight. It's all straight line pull. So you shouldn't really need to have that higher tongue weight. Again, they don't really design this to have any kind of really heavy stuff, so if you're wanting to put a bike adapter in here and do some kind of crazy stuff, they are not cool with that. So that's why we have the a hundred pound tongue weight rating there.It is a nicely designed hitch. You can see all the nice solid welds going around our connection, between the solid shank up top and our hollow tube at the bottom, where our actual tow bar goes in place. I'll give you guys some measurements here. The overall length of our adapter, from the very front of our receiver to the very back of the shank, that's going to be 17 inches long. The distance from pinhole to pinhole is a foot, or 12 inches. Again, our drop or rise, which is from the center of the pin hole here to the center of the pin hole there, that is six inches apart. From the front of our receiver to the center of our pin hole is going to be two and a half inches. On the backside it's going to be the same thing. So about two and a half inches from the center of our pinhole to the very back of the shank.This does work in a two inch by two inch hitch. Same thing for this. It's going to be a two inch by two inch receiver. Something that I kind of like about this back piece, the shank back here, is that it does have these chamfered edges, so they just kind of knocked off the sharp corners of all the edges there. And that just helps it to slide easier into our hitch. We don't have to fight with it as much because it doesn't have that close tolerance around the edges that a lot of other ones do if it's just that straight block square shape. So by cutting out those corners just allows dirt and grime and rust and things that build up in our hitches over time to have a place to go. Still going to hold tightly in your hitch. It's not going to affect the overall performance of it. It just helps you to get things installed and also to take it out whenever you're not using it.So all in all, I think this is going to be a nice addition for your flat tow setup. Again, a flat tow setup requires a lot of different components, including your tow bar, your base plate, supplemental braking system, and your safety chains, and also your diode wiring or your, some kind of supplemental wiring for your vehicle. If you need any of those parts, we have a lot of options here at Along with a lot of great information to help you choose the right options for your vehicle. So definitely check those out and thanks for watching. We'll see you next time.

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