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DeeZee Truck Bed Accessories - Pet Restraint - DZ91781 Review

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Review of DeeZee Truck Bed Accessories DZ91781

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the DeeZee Specialty Series Dog Box for Pickup Trucks. Now, this dog box allows you to take your best friend with you wherever you go. It's a rustproof Brite-Tread aluminum construction. It's very strong and durable. It's very easy to use. It's very sturdy and it does feature a pet-friendly design.So, I do want to point out, first and foremost, that it's a lightweight construction.

It's aluminum, but it's also very strong and durable, and then when it comes to the pet-friendly design, right here at the front door we have nice vented features. So, on each door we're noticing a vented design, allows for really great air circulation. Also, these slots are large enough where you can look in there, you can peek in there and make sure that your pet's doing just fine. The vented pet safe doors are free of sharp edges and they ensure proper ventilation, so as your pet moves ina and out, you can see here it's a nice rolled design so we do not have sharp aluminum. Rubbing my hand on there, it's nice and smooth, so you don't have to worry any about any type of injury there.

Also, the center hinge design allows you to open the doors from either side of your pickup truck.On the back side, we have more vents on the back panel, three per side. So, again, that just allows for nice air circulation. Also, internally, there is a divider, so that way you can have two animals in here, keep them divided, but that divider is also removable. So, you'll see that center section right there, that is removable to make room for larger dogs or for one larger dog. Also, the latches, they are lockable, so you can insert a padlock down there and lock each door independently, and it's going to keep the animals protected maybe when you're not around.

So, if you have to go into a gas station or you're going inside to eat, rest assured your animals are going to be okay. Padlocks are sold separately. If you're in need, you can find them at I personally recommend using part number 141T. Those are great options and they will work with this box.The versatile dog box sits on the floor of your truck bed or wherever you have space.

No mounting required. It does come with a small pack of hardware, four bolts, four flat washers, and four nuts, so I guess if you have an application where you can use those, then you can definitely mount the box if you want to. Has a handle located on each side, so that way you can easily move the box around when needed. Now, over the aluminum we do have a nice clear powder coating, so it keeps it protected, keeps it looking good for a long time. Also, the doors feature a black powder coated finish, so that offers a little bit of . a little bit more rugged look with the black doors and the aluminum-colored box. So, I like that. Product's fully made in the USA.I did take some overall measurements. You definitely want to ensure that you have enough space for this unit. So, from the edge of this side to the edge of this side, just measuring the box, I got a measurement of 38-1/8" long. The handles add around another 1/2" per side. Front to back, so I measured from the very front of the doors to the back of the box, got a measurement of 30" deep, and then bottom to top measures 20" tall. Now, each door opening, I took measurements of that as well. You also notice that it has a nice pad here. That's a foam pad, so if the door slam shut, it's got some padding right there. Now, the door opening, I took a measurement of this. I got 13-1/2" wide by 14-3/8" tall. Internally, we're looking at a capacity of 12.75 cubic feet, and the product is covered with a limited lifetime warranty. That's going to do it for today's look at the DeeZee Specialty Series Dog Box for Pickup Trucks.

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