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Review of DeadBolt Locks 7685

Today we're going to review part number 7685. This is the dead-bolt trailer hitch receiver and coupler lock set. This kit includes the two locks, includes the two keys. They are keyed alike, so these keys will work on either one. The hitch lock right here will secure your ball mount to your trailer hitch receiver or any other hitch accessories that you might want to lock to your hitch receiver. This coupler latch right here will lock and secure your trailer to the ball mount. All these locks will have a covered key slot as you can see here, a nice rubber cap to protect it. This will help prevent any dirt or water from getting into the locking mechanism and causing any corrosion.

They are made of a double chrome plating for maximum rust resistance, and they are a patented, pick-proof, screw-in lock security. The hitch lock right here can be bought separately if you want. We do sell it separately as part number 7683. It does fit two-inch trailer hitch receivers, the class 3 and class 4 receivers. The pin diameter is five-eighths inches in diameter. The overall length is right around six inches, and the inside pin length is right at two and five-eighths inches. Now, the coupler lock, also you can buy it separately if you just want the coupler lock.

It's part number 7690. This is designed to fit the trigger-style trailer couplers that have a quarter-inch hole. The pin diameter is quarter-inch in diameter. The overall length on it is right around four inches, and the inside pin length is half an inch. If you do want more of these locks and you want them all to be keyed alike, you can have that done. If you go to the product page for this part number, there'll be a drop-down box that would say "Keyed Unique" or "Keyed Alike." You'll just have to check it, whatever one you want, and how many of those you want. I do want to demonstrate basically what these are used for.

I have an example here of a two-inch hitch receiver. You can see right here it has hitch pin holes right there. The hitch lock, how that would work is you just put your key in, and it does unscrew. It's a screw-in lock security, so you just twist this until the head, the lock, would come off. Then what you'll do is either, once your ball mount's in or your hitch accessory, you just line the pin holes up. Go ahead and slide this through the pin holes and through whatever's on the inside there.

Go ahead and put your lock on it, and what you would do is just hold your key. It's probably easier just to twist it that way or you can twist the key. Once it fits that way, locks into place, you can see that it would lock whatever you put into your hitch receiver. Then, just to remove it, go ahead and put your lock in. Then you just unloosen it either by turning the key or you can turn . whichever way is easiest, and it would come off. Now, to demonstrate the coupler lock, I have an example of a trigger-latch trailer coupler right here. By the trigger latch, you can see it has a trigger down here that you just push up on to release the latch. Basically, what you'll notice is when it's locked onto the ball the holes here would line up. All you need to do is take your key same way, open the cap, go ahead and put it in there. Just twist it until it comes apart. Once it comes apart, what you can do is take that pin, slide it right through the hole in the coupler lock. Go ahead and put your lock back on. Go ahead and tighten it down. Once it gets all the way tight, you can go ahead and pull the key out, put your cover on, and then what that does is that locks that lever, the latch, from being unhooked. Even if you push on the trigger to unhook it, you can see that it won't unlatch from the ball, so it actually would lock the trailer to your vehicle. That should do it for the review on part number 7685, the dead-bolt trailer hitch receiver and coupler lock set for two-inch trailer hitch receivers and trigger-latch, trigger-style, trailer couplers. .

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