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Custer Boat Accessories - Boat Lights - BOW-GR-B Review

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Review of Custer Lights BOW-GR-B

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number BOW-GR-B. This is the Custer 6 LED boat navigation light. The green navigation light is going to mount to the starboard side of your boat to increase visibility to others on the water. The unit's going to contain 6 LED's, so it's going to provide a nice, bright light for smaller boats. We're going to have the 2 wire pigtail. This is going to provide your power and ground wires.

It's going to hardwire into your boat's existing wiring. It's designed to be a surface mount design. It's going to provide easy installation. Your hardware is not included with the part number. It does come with a nice foam mounting pad.

It's really going to allow some cushion. We're going to have the black housing, so it's going to complement your boat's exterior. If we take a look at the overall dimensions real quick, starting with the overall length. I'm measuring here at the base, it gives us better areas to measure from to get accurate measurements. Edge to edge, we're looking at about 3 and 5/8 of an inch. Here at the widest point, going this direction, we're looking at about 2 and 1/4 of an inch.

Then, the depth, measuring from the bottom to the top when it would be mounted. It's going to give us a depth of about 1 and 5/16ths of an inch. It's going to contain 2 mounting holes here on the bottom. One right here and one right here. Those are going to be separated apart from one another on center by 2 and 3/16th of an inch. Real quick, before we plug it in, I want to go ahead and show you how to gain access to those mounting holes.

Simply just take a small Phillips head screwdriver, and we'll remove this center screw right here on top. That's going to allow this top piece to come off. You can see there we got access to one mounting location. Then, you can take off the lens, the green lens, and it's going to allow you to gain access to the other mounting location. You can also see the board where the LED's are mounted on. It's going to contain 6 LED's, multi diode design is really going to help optimize our light output. Go ahead and reinstall this. Put it back together. Then, we can hook it up to our external power, that way you can see what it looks like with power running to it. We'll be able to turn off our overhead light, so you can see it in a low light setting. Go ahead and connect it. White's going to be our ground. Green's going to be our power wire. You can see here the light sends out a really nice consistent signal. Again, it's going to contain 6 LED's, so it's really going to optimize our light output. Then, the green lens allows a lot of that light to come through. Again, this is going to act as your navigation light mounting to the starboard side of your boat to increase visibility to others that are out on the water. That's going to do it for today's look at part number BOW-GR-B.

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