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Review of Custer Emergency Supplies - 51 LED Strobe Light Bar - STR51AAC

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Custer Emergency Supplies - 51 LED Strobe Light Bar - STR51AAC Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the Custer Amber LED Strobe Light Bar. This is going to be a great option for those of you who are in construction, or Department of Transportation kind of vehicles, or any other sort of fleet vehicle. This is going to raise awareness of your current position to make sure that if you're trying to signal people to get over, or just to allow them to know that you're there, and bring their attention to you this is very eye-catching. This does have both sides, so you're going to get a 360 degree light source going out, so that no matter which direction they're coming from they're going to be able to see you.Now, I will go through all the different light patterns that this provides, but there are about 29 or 30 depending on if you want to count the off function.

It's going to give you a lot of different variety in increasing awareness. This does also come with the dash mounted controller box. You can see its given us an LED depiction of which light strobe function we are currently on. This does have a 25-foot-long cord that's going to allow us to mount this on our dash, and then run the cord up, so that we can have this mounted on our roof. This is going to be a permanent installation.

They do include the hardware for the foot packs here. The screws that you'll need to put into your roof are not included. You will have to provide those yourself, but everything else is going to be here. This will hard-wire right into your vehicles fuse box, and is compatible with 12 volt and 24 volt DC systems.We do have 72 different diodes, light emitting diodes, or LEDs. You have 18 sections including the two ends here.

Each section has four LEDs in them. If you're not familiar with LEDs they are a great option. A lot better than the older incandescent bulbs. They're just more durable. They don't have the brittle filament inside that can break down, so they last about 50 times longer, and they're a lot more efficient.

You get brighter light with less power, so definitely a good way to go if you're wanting to add some light onto your vehicle.Now, this system, as I said, has about 29 or 30 different flash patterns. You've got your left pattern, directing traffic to the left. You can see right now we've got our double sweep going. I'll press the function key here on our key pad. It's this farthest one over here, and that's going to switch our function. Now it's on a single white going across. There's our double. Here we have a solid going across there to the left. This is our solid with the double flash. And solid chaser, so the lights light up across, and then de-luminate across there. Then we've got a double blink. And a single sweep across. I press the other button, so have both of them eliminated. It's going to send it from the center out. Again, we can go through our different functions. We've got all those different patterns for left, center, and they'll be similar for right. Lots of different options there to help direct traffic. Then if we want to just have a warning light to allow people to see us as we're on the side of the road, or something like that we've got about 11 different signals for that. We've got the back and forth as you can see here. We'll try and call out the names of all these. I'm just going to go through the different patterns, so you can see all the options that you're going to have.I'm keeping my lights on right now so that you can see just how bright these are, even in the daylight or daylight conditions that they'll be able to catch the attention of oncoming drivers, and make sure that they're aware of your presence. I will go ahead and turn off my lights here. You can see they are very, very bright, and they're going to do a good job, especially at night of catching people's attention, allowing them to see that you're there, so that you can avoid accidents and injuries. Then of course we have the off function, so as we're driving away we don't want our lights on anymore, whatever the situation may be, we have the option to turn them off.I just wanted to walk through all those functions, so you can see what you would be getting with this light bar. Make sure that it's going to fit for your application. It is a nice Amber light, very lightweight, so it shouldn't add too much strain to your load, or anything like that. I think overall, it's going to be very easy to get installed and to use for your vehicle to make sure, again, that as you're on the side of the road, or out on the construction site people will be able to tell that you're there and avoid you. That's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching.

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