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Curt Gooseneck - Below the Bed - C607-649 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Curt Double Lock Flip and Store Underbed Gooseneck Hitch, with the installation kit. Has a 30,000 pound gross towing weight capacity. Now, this is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the 2015 and newer Ford F-150 short or long bed trucks and on a custom fit part like this, I always like to recommend for you to go to our website, use the fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle. It'll show you if this will work for your application.Now this is a nice, heavy-duty underbed hitch that lets you tow your gooseneck trailer. It does offer a double lock system, which provides added security with two pins holding the ball in place instead of your standard one.

The ball it uses is a nice chrome-plated hitch ball, which will easily remove when you're not towing for complete access to your truck bed. Basically, the ball will just flip over and store upside down in your hitch for easy access and the way you do that is right now, it's locked into place for towing. So if you're not going to be towing, just pull out your handle, twist it to hold it in the open position, lift your ball out, just flip it over. There's a little handle at the bottom here.And you could just drop the ball back in. And then release your handle and the dual pins will lock it in to place, and then just take your included rubber cover, put it in there, and now you'll have full truck bed access when you're not towing.

If you notice, it has a nice chrome ring around here that surrounds the hitch ball hole, provides a nice tight, low-profile look. Does include the safety chain hook ups, we've installed them on here just to see how they work. They are built in. Now, it does have zinc plating which provides superior corrosion resistance for the locking mechanism. And if you notice on this handle, it has a nice rubber cover on it.

Gives you a nice grip on the handle so again, to pull it out just twist it.That'll hold it in the open position. Lift up on the ball, flip it over. Drop it into place, release your handle, and the two dual pins will lock it right into place, now you're ready to tow. All these parts are a nice black, powder coated steel, they're very durable and corrosion-resistant. We had mentioned it includes this rubber cover, it'll keep grime out of the ball hole when the ball is being stowed.

Now, they also include, let me show you the sheath here. You can see it's cut out for the ball hole and when you go to install this, this is designed to go in there before you bolt it up to your truck bed. And the reason they do that, it's a polyurethane isolator film, and this is designed to help prevent galvanic corrosion between the Ford aluminum truck bed and the hitch itself. So when you go to install this, you just drop this on there around the ball hole and then you install it.It does come with a custom installation kit, the mounting brackets you can see, which we've all put together just to show you what it looks like. This custom installation kit comes with all the grade A hardware you need here to install it. Now, you do have to drill a four-inch hole in the truck bed and then four half-inch holes for the safety chain U-bolts to come through. When you install it, there's no welding required. Now other nice features, Curt does offer some additional Curt accessories that you can use with this. They actually offer an adapter plate which allows for fifth-wheel towing. We do sell that separate on our website, it's part number C16210. And what that adapter will do, let's just open it up and take the ball out, you remove your ball, and then you have your four-inch hole right here, that adaptor will install into the ball hole of this gooseneck hitch, and it'll give you the above-bed case rails for installation of your fifth wheel trailer hitch to your vehicle.They also offer a four-inch off set hitch ball that'll drop in here. It's part number C602. Again, we sell it separately on our website. That extension will provide an additional space between your truck's cab and your gooseneck trailer. It'll give you a, when you drop it into here, the pitch ball will sit four inches extended towards the rear of the vehicle. Few specs on this again, the ball size is your normal two and five-sixteenths diameter gooseneck ball size. The gross towing weight capacity on this is 30,000 pounds. The gross ton weight capacity is 7,500 pounds. And again, just to show you when you're going to go tow, you have the handle in the open position, just go ahead and drop the ball right into place. Release your handle and now you're locked, all ready to go.And then when you're done towing, just pull the handle off, twist it to the open position, flip the ball over, drop it into the stored position. Go ahead and release your handle. The two pins will lock it into place so it doesn't go anywhere, and then just go ahead and put your rubber cover on, you're all set to go. Does come with a nice set of detailed instructions on how to install everything and how it all operates. But that should do it for the review on the Curt Double Lock Flip and Store Underbed Gooseneck Hitch, with the installation kit and a 30,000 pound gross towing weight capacity.

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