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Review of Curt Fifth Wheel Hitch Parts - Leg Kit for GM Prep Package - C16024

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Curt Fifth Wheel Hitch Parts - Leg Kit for GM Prep Package - C16024 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today, we're taking a look at the CURT fifth wheel legs for your OEM prep package in your Chevy and GMC truck. these are going to work with that prep package that comes in your 2020 and newer Chevy or GMC trucks. So it allows you to utilize that puck system with an already existing CURT fifth wheel trailer or fifth wheel hitch head assembly. It's going to work with a certain amount of them, so the compatible part numbers are there on the screen.

If you already had one of those and you don't want to have to get an entirely new system to utilize that new puck system on your truck, this is going to allow you to do that and just swap out the legs and use that same head assembly.So you can take a look at it. To get this dropped down into place, you'll have the levers there on the side. Those are going to swing the pegs that go into that puck system. So if you just remove the pin and clip, that allows you to swing out those handles. We do also get some replacement Cotter pins.

If you ever need to make adjustments to the height of this, to eliminate any kind of movement between the pucks and the truck bed rails, you can adjust that in and out. If that Cotter pin gets damaged you do have backups. There are going to be four in total, but pretty easy. It's just a quarter of a turn to swing those out and then remove your fifth wheel hitch.Just going to swing this around so I can actually get this in place without having to reach around for it. Installs pretty easily into that puck system.

You pretty much just have to drop it down in there and secure the handles.Our head assembly is going to fit here in the middle. The finish on the legs is going to be a carbide finish. So, nice black powder coat, should resist any kind of rust and corrosion for a long time. It's fairly resistant to scuffs and scrapes. I did notice one spot that might've been a little bit damaged on the front here, but for the most part, I think that finish is going to hold up pretty well for a long time to come.As far as weight ratings with this, it can handle 30,000 pounds of gross towing weight, and then 7,500 or 7,500 pounds of vertical load.

With those numbers, you always want to go off with the lowest number of any component in your system. So that's going to include the head assembly that you choose or that you already have, and also the truck that you're towing with. So between those three things, go off with the lowest number for any of those. That's going to keep you safe and make sure that everything is up to the task, whatever you're asking it to do.All in all, I think this is going to be a really nice workaround for having that new truck that you want to be able to play with all the new bells and whistles, but you don't want to have to invest in an entirely new system. Kind of gives you the best of both worlds. So you can still utilize that old equipment with a newer style of attachment.It is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, and that's pretty much going to do it for our look at the Curt OEM fifth wheel hitch legs for your Chevy and GMC trucks. Thanks for watching.

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