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Review of Curt Fifth Wheel C16641

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna take a look at the Curt A20 dual jaw fifth wheel trailer hitch on this R20 Slider, with the base rails and the universal installation kit. It has a 20,000 pound weight capacity. Now this fifth wheel hitch will mount in your truck bed, so that you can tow your fifth wheel trailer. It's mounted on this non-binding slider, which will provide an extra 12" of clearance, which is required for your short bed truck to turn safely at slow speeds. It helps prevent the trailer from hitting the cab of your pickup during those sharp, slow speed turns.It does slide smoothly on the rounded, non-binding rods, and it's designed for use on trucks with beds shorter than 8'. It's not recommended for use on truck beds shorter than 6'.

It does use a 2-jaw locking system here, which will provide a nice 360 jaw to king-pin contact. It gives you less rattle, more security than the slide bar models.Also, if you notice they have two built-in grease zerk fittings for easy lubrication. There's one on each jaw. Now when you do install this, it will give you a 4" hitch height adjustment. Hitch height is critical, 'cause when you're towing your fifth wheel, you want to keep it as level as possible with your tow vehicle.

This will give you a range of 4", anywhere from 17 1/2" to 21 1/2". Hitch height is always measured from your truck bed to the top of your hitch head. The way you can adjust that is when you bolt your hitch head to the arms right here on the slider there's three rows of holes, so you can adjust is to whichever hitch height you need to keep it level.The head on this is a fully articulating torsion head, for controlled coupling, a nice stable, quiet ride. It self aligns for easy hookup. It doesn't just go front to back or side to side.

It does suppress road shock, helps reduce the bothersome towing noise. Also, the main feature on this is the 3-Point color coded lock indicator system. That's right on the back here, right under the hitch head. There's a color that will show, and it will tell you what position your jaws are in. Right now it's showing a green circle, which means the two jaws are locked.

They're closed, ready to tow.When you open it, it will show a yellow triangle, which means the jaws are open, you're ready to couple. It will also sometimes show a red octagon. That means the jaws are locked open. It's uncoupled, you do not want to tow. It will self reset. What's nice about those colors here, the indicators are visible from the cab. So basically when you're sitting in the cab, you can look back and see what color is showing, tell you what position those jaws are in.The handle on this is a single throw handle operation to open these dual jaws. It has the pin and clip right here that you just pop and remove it. Then you pull your handle. Now at the end of this video I am going to demonstrate the hitch head and the slider, how these all work, so I'll show you how those handles work.Now the handle can also be locked with a padlock, if you want added security. The hole that the pin goes through is large enough that you could put a padlock through there. Those we do sell separately on our website. Also, this is a fast one pin head removal, which will make it easy for one person to remove the hitch. Right here, if you just remove this clip and then that large pivot pin, you pull it out from the back. You can take the head out of here, the cross member, and take it all apart so one person could remove the complete hitch.It does include this plastic lube plate. This goes on the king-pin on your fifth wheel and it helps the king-pin glide smoothly into the hitch during hookup. It helps prevent any nasty grease buildup on your hitch head. It is a very simple installation. This does come with the base rails. It comes with the universal installation kit. It's all included with the hardware. Now the universal kit will require some drilling. Now semi-custom brackets or additional hardware may be required for your application.This hitch is a sturdy steel construction with a durable carbide powder coat finish. Specs on this again, the gross towing weight capacity is 20,000 pounds. The vertical load limit or pin weight capacity is 5,000 pounds. The slider travel is 12" front to back. The hitch height we mentioned can be anywhere from 17 1/2" to 21 1/2".What I'm going to show you now is how the jaws operate, and then how to move the slider back and forth. So I got an example, this is what a king-pin would look like on your fifth wheel trailer. So as we mentioned, pop open the clip. Remove the pin, and you can see it's hooked to a chain, so it keeps it so you don't lose it.We mentioned the hitch handle, just pull it out, rotate it back. Simple like that, and you can see the two jaws pop up. You're ready to hook up. As we mentioned, the color coating, if you look back here, it's showing a yellow triangle, which we said meant the jaws are open, you're ready to couple.Again, inaudible 00:04:35 king-pin just slides right in here. You can see once it gets all the way in, the two jaws will completely wrap around it. Handle slides into position. The hole is right there. Take your pin, drop it right through there. Clip it, and you're locked, ready to go. Last thing, you want to look at the color. It's showing a green circle, which means your jaws are locked, ready to tow. So that's simple as that.Now if you get to your camping location and you need back in, make some sharp turns, what you want to do is . right now it's in the towing position, which means it's closest to the cab, so what you want to do is gain that extra 12" of clearance to make those sharp turns. So what you have to do is just take your handle here. Pull it all the way out. Then just turn the handle back, and that'll leave it open.Then you can see as you move, this will slide to the maneuvering position, and automatically lock into place. You can see just like that, it slides. You can see the handle pops up and locks into place. Now you can make those sharp turns. Then when you're done, you're ready to get back on the road, you want to move your hitch back as close as you can to the cab. Pull this out again and just turn it the other way, so it locks open. Then again, when you slide back to the towing position, you can see just like that it automatically locks, and you're all ready to get on the road.But that should do it for the review on the Curt A20 dual jaw fifth wheel trailer hitch with the R20 slider, the base rails, the universal installation kit, and it has a 20,000 pound weight capacity.

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