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Review of Curt Fifth Wheel C16621

Today, we are going to review part number C16621. This is the CURT Q16 Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitch with the R16 slider, the base rails and the installation kit all included and this has a sixteen thousand pound weight capacity. Now, this heavy duty fifth-wheel trailer hitch has the dual jaw, has a nice pivoting head and on the very back here it uses a color-coded lock indicator to give you superb safety and security. Now, the two jaw locking system right here provides a three-hundred and sixty degree jaw-to-king pin contact and because of that, it'll give you less rattle, more security than a lot of the Slide-Moore models. This has a self-aligning wide head opening right here you can see for a nice simple hook-up. The way they do that is they use a fully articulating torsion head which gives you controlled coupling and a nice stable, quiet ride. Now, there is two lube points, which for easy access, grease Zerk fittings and they are located on the front of each jaw.

One over here, and one over here, so you can keep it maintained. It has a nice fast one-pin head removal. Basic, what you would do is there is a large pivot-pin here that holds this head into the cross-member. If you pull the linchpin out, pull the large pivot-pin out, you can lift the head out of the cross-member and because of that it makes it easy for one person to remove the hitch from your vehicle. It does have a four-inch heighth adjustment, a hinge heighth adjustment. Now hitch heighth is measured from your truck bed to the top of the skid plate here, and what that does is you want to make sure when you're towing your trailer that it's going to be as level as possible to your tow vehicle.

So this hitch heighth adjustment, this cross-member has three rows of holes. So when you bolt this onto the slider sides here, you can put it in three different arrangements for each heighth adjustment. Now on the very back here, we have this three-point indicator system. It's color-coded, and basically what that does is the color will tell you if your hitch is ready to uncouple, coupled or tow. These colors, this lock indicator, is visible from the cab. So, right now with the jaws closed, that would mean the king pins in there, it shows green, which means you're ready to tow.

Now, if these we're open, and you're waiting to hook up, it would show yellow, which means you're ready to couple. And if it ever shows red, that means it's uncoupled, you're don't want to go anywhere until it's showing green. And the nice thing about it again these colors are visible from the cab. You can turn around and see those colors and it'll will tell you what position the hitch head is in. It does have this nice lockable handle. It's a short-throw single handle operation I'm going to show you in a minute here how this operates.

And it has the pin-and-clip here that holds it into place. Now, you can take that pin-and-clip out and the hole is large enough for a padlock if you want extra security. Now the padlocks does not come with it, we do sell those separately, and it's usually listed on this product page as a related product. And the other nice thing is when this is open, the jaws are open, when it's in the coupled position and the king pin slides in, it'll self-engage after it receives the king pin and lock into position. The slider that it's mounted on is a non-binding slider. It provides clearance required for short-bed pickup to turn safely at slow speeds, so when you're making sharp, slow speed turns, you want them to have that clearance. This'll move it twelve inches front-to-back to give you that extra clearance. That'll prevent the trailer from hitting the cab of your truck during those turns. It does slide smoothly on this, on these rounded, non-binding rods. Now this is designed for use on trucks with beds shorter than eight feet, but it is not recommended for use on truck beds that are shorter than six feet. Now, it does include the base rails I showed installed onto the base rails, and the installation kit and the hardware. Now, it comes with a universal kit. Usually, the universal install kit requires some drilling. We do recommend, if there is available for your vehicle, a custom or a vehicle-specific bracket kit, we sell those separately on our website. The way to check is to put in your year and model vehicle in the Fit Guide, and if it shows it's available, we do recommend those because it'll ease the installation. It usually saves you half the time of installation because of custom, vehicle-specific bracket kit will usually use holes already in the vehicle's frame. Now it does also include this plastic lube plate right here, and this goes on to your king pin to allow it to slide smoothly into the hitch during hook-up and also protects the skid plate from any damage. The hitch itself is a sturdy steel construction, has a nice, durable carbide powder-coat finish. A few specs on this. The gross towing weight is sixteen thousand pounds. Vertical load limit, or pin-weight capacity is four thousand pounds. I mentioned the slider travel is twelve inches front-to-back, and the heighth adjustment is four inches, so it's anywheres from seventeen and a half inches up to twenty-one and a half inches. So what I'm going to show you first is how to open the jaw and show you how it hook up. If we remove the pin and clip, just like that, that'll release the handle. The handle, all you have to do is pull back, you can see, very easily. It simply opens the dual jaws wide open. Now I got an example here just to show you how to cup this is what a king pin would look like on your pin-box of your trailer. So when you're backing up and sliding it in as I had mentioned back here it'll show yellow, right now, because it's ready to be coupled. So once you're backing in and your king pin goes into the dual jaws, you can see as it gets correctly in there the handle will move forward, locking into place. The jaws are completely around there, and if you look back here it's showing green. So you'll be able to see from the cab that it's green, ready to tow. So what you'll want to do is put, you'll need your padlock through there if you're going to use that, or you'll just drop in your pin and clip. Just like that, and hook it, and it keeps that handle from opening. There we go, keeps that handle from opening and secures your king pin into the hitch head. Now just to show you how the slider, right now it's in the, and it's marked here, you can see, in the full towing position so it's closest to the cab of the tow vehicle. To be able to move it, all you do is you take your handle and when you're going to go to the maneuvering position, what you'll want to do is pull this and just turn it back towards there. So this little notch'll be angled towards the back, so you just move the handle towards the tow vehicle. Now it's open and as this slides the twelve inches you can see into the maneuvering position. Once it hits the correct maneuvering position, it'll automatically engage the, and lock it into and keeps it at that twelve inches back towards your tailgate. Now when you're done hooked up, or maneuvering and you want to get back on the road and tow, you'll just take this handle again and just push it the opposite way. Pull it out and move it towards the trailer, and then what'll happen as you move back closer towards the cab into the towing position. Same way, it'll hit that, automatically engage and lock into the towing position. Simple as that. But that should do it for the review on part number C16621, this is the CURT Q16 Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with the R16 slider, the base rails, and the installation kit and a sixteen thousand pound weight capacity. .

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