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Review of Curt Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring - Trailer Hitch Wiring - C89KR

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Curt Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring - Trailer Hitch Wiring - C89KR Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at, and we're going to be taking a look at the Curt T-Connector vehicle wiring harness. Now, this is the way to get that four-pole, flat connector for hooking up to your trailer so you have all the electrical functions on your trailer, and you can mimic what's going on with your lights, and your vehicle with your trailer. So your running lights, brake lights, and turn signals left, and right, that's where we get the four of the four-pole. So it's going to give you those functions, keeps you safe on the road, lets other drivers know what's going on behind you, and also stays compliant with all local state and federal laws. Also, some other accessories will use this connection as well, I've seen some cargo carriers that also have lighting functions use this, some other kinds of accessories.

So if you need that four-pole flat, this is going to be a great fit for you.It is a custom fit. So this works with the vehicles that you see there on the screen. So it's going to be a lot of the Hyundai and Kia vehicles, including the Kia Soul. So if that's one that you have, this is going to be a great fit for you. The way it works is, it's just going to plug into your lights behind or into the connections behind your tail lights.

So we'll have these connectors here. This is also where it gets the name of a T-Connector, you can see they kind of make a T. So that's where we get that name. Since it is custom fit, you're just going to plug and play. They're going to go in line with that wiring.

So you don't have to cut and splice anything. It's just going to work with your existing factory wiring. The green wire at side is going to go to your passenger side, the yellow, red, and brown wires, that goes to your driver's side.There's also a ground connection to make here, so finding a good factory stud is always a good option. Put that on there, but it also comes with a little packet of extra accessories, including a self tapping screw to make that ground connection. This is kind of the brains of the operation.

This is going to be our module box. So all the circuits in here, are going to transfer that signal from your vehicle out to that four-pole. It does have this material inside, that's going to be a potting material. So that helps to seal up the unit, keep it protected from water and debris, and also shock. Anytime you have anything out on the road, it's going to be encountering bumps and vibration from being in motion. So having everything sealed up with that potty material just makes it a lot more durable and long lasting.We also get a length of bulk wire. This is our connection between that module, and the battery in your vehicle. So this will run up to the battery, and then you'll make your connection with the fuse holder. And that goes to your positive side of the battery. So we're going to be protected not only by that fuse, but also by the module box. So we don't have to worry about any shorts, or back feeds being transferred from our trailer to the vehicle. It's going to be protected. It does come with the fuse in this packet of hardware as well. You get a 10 amp fuse, and you also get a couple buck connectors, a ring terminal, some extra zip ties, and then a longer zip tie to attach this to your hitch. And you can get some other accessories to go with this depending on where you make that power connection.If you're going to be making it outside the vehicle, it's not a bad idea to switch out those buck connectors that this comes with, with heat shrink buck connectors, they're just a watertight, more sealed connection point to keep it all protected and also be a little bit more durable. You can find those here again at, if you want to get them. If you're going to be making that connection inside your vehicle, not necessarily a big deal to use what becomes with, but that's just something that if it's me, I kind of always like using them. They're just a little bit more secure. Also, if you want, you can get a bracket to attach the four-pole to your hitch, so you have a nice mounting spot for that. Now you can usually run the four-pole either outside the vehicle. And so have it permanently mounted on your hitch, which is when having a four-pole bracket is also really nice.Or you can run this outside the. Or from the inside out. A lot of times the place you're going to be mounting this module box is going to be inside your vehicle. So then, a lot of this bulk wire is going to stay in there, and then you bring it outside of the hatch every time. So you'll be running it over the weather seal and that's, what's going to protect it. Some people are not comfortable with that, thinks it looks a little dicey. It's perfectly fine functionally to do that way, to have it running outside of your hatch, just as long as you stay away from the striker. But if you want to have it more permanently mounted, you can do that, having a bracket, it will help you do that. But if you don't want to worry about having any extra parts, having that bulk wire, just hanging out in your hatch, and then running it out every time you need to use it is totally fine.That's pretty much all there is to it. As far as the install and how this is going work, it is covered by a one-year limited warranty from Curt. So if you have any issues that arise, it should be covered by that. Curt is a really known name in the towing industry. They have good products and I think that it'll do a great job for you. Again, it's cutting or a plug in place, there's no cutting or splicing should be a pretty easy install that you can get done in your garage or your driveway. Well, hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is the right wiring for you. Again, I'm Ellen here at Thanks for watching.

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