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Curt Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring - Trailer Hitch Wiring - C56372 Review

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Review of Curt Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring C56372

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the Curt T Connector vehicle wiring harness with the four-way flat trailer connector. This is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the 2017 Chevrolet Sonic and on a custom fit part, I always like to recommend for you to go to our website, use our fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle and it'll show you if this'll work for your application.Now this harness will provide this four way flat trailer connector at the back of your vehicle, it'll power your trailer signal lights. It is compatible with five pole, six pole and seven pole adapters that we do sell separately on our website and this full assembly does connect very quickly and easily. Basically just locate your connection points in the rear cargo area. Take these "T" connectors, you'll plug these into one on each side.

One on the driver's side, one on the passenger's side. Ground your white wire and then you have your power wire right here that you'll run to your vehicle's battery.Now this harness does include this taillight convertor, this black box right here. This'll connect directly to the battery to avoid overloading your vehicle's electrical system, and it is constructed using SMT Technology which is Surface Mount Technology, gives you more consistent, reliable performance, helps maximize your trailer light yield and intensity while producing minimal heat and it ensures superior operation in rough road conditions. Does also come with this nice dust cap or cover for your four way flat connector. Basically what you can do with that is just attach it to plug and you can leave it attached if you like and then what you'll want to do is when you're not plugged into your trailer, just put that cap over those terminals and it'll protect 'em from the elements or from any damage.

This part is made in the USA.Few specs on this. The maximum amperage for the stop and turn light circuits is 5 amps per circuit. For the taillights, it's 7.5 amps per circuit. Now this kit does come with everything shown here on the table and just briefly how you'd install this. Again, you'd go to the rear cargo area of your vehicle, gain access to behind the taillights and you'll start on the driver's side.

You unplug the harness from your taillights, plug this T connector in between there. For the passenger's side, it'll be the one with the green wire and the length of wire. This'll run over to the passenger's side and you'll do the same, connect this between the harness and the taillights.Once those are all connected, you'll want to take your convertor box right here and you don't want that bouncing around so you'll want to attach that to a good flat surface and they do include this piece, a double face, that you can put on there and attach it to a nice clean surface. Once that's done, you'll run this length of wire with the four way on the back out towards the rear of the vehicle to plug into your trailer and the two remaining wires, the white wire with the eyelet on it, that's for good clean ground. You want to connect that to a good clean ground if there's one nearby.

If not, they do include the grounding screw that you can make your own ground.The last wire, the black wire is your power wire. That'll need to run to you vehicle's battery and they do give you this extra length of wire to run that up to your vehicle's battery and the connector so you take one of the butt connectors, put it on there, connect it to one end of this length of wire and then run this all the way up towards the front. When you get to the front, you don't want to connect this other end directly to the other battery. You want to run it through this end line fuse holder. So take the other connector, connect it to one end of the fuse holder just like that and then on the other end, you'll take the eyelet connector and connect that and then this is what'll connect to the battery. Once that's all connected, open it up, take your included 15 amp fuse, stick it into the fuse holder, put the cap back on there and your system will be already to go.Now if you notice, they do include some extra cable ties to take up any slack in the wiring and they do give you a nice set of detailed instructions that'll describe how to install it and even show pictures of how the connections are.But that should do it for the review on the Curt T Connector vehicle wiring harness with the four way flat trailer connector.

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