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Review of Curt Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring C56000

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number C56000. This is a CURT 5th wheel and gooseneck custom wiring harness. Offering your 7 pull connector. The product is going to fit multiple trucks so to see if this is a fit for your vehicle, you can use the vehicle fit guide located on our website at It's going to provide your 7-way blade style connector in your truck bed for hassle-free hookup of your 5th wheel and gooseneck trailers. The connector is designed to mount in the truck bed sidewall, tailgate post, or wheel well.

The benefit of this system is that it is still going to retain your factory 7-way connector at the rear of the truck, at the bumper, as long as it's already there. This does require that your truck has a factory tow package. This area right here, this part number, is going to plug into the factory wiring. Does not require any cutting or splicing, so it's a really easy installation process. Then you're going to have 10 feet of insulated wiring. This is going to reach easily from the rear bumper of your truck to the truck bed.

It is going to be custom fit for your vehicle. It's going to come with zip ties to secure any excess or slack in the wiring. It's going to come with the hardware that's necessary to get the 7-way connector installed in the truck bed. When it comes to the installation, you'll want to go off the detailed instructions. These are going to walk you through the installation process step-by- step. Basically, you're going to connect this area right here to your factory wiring harness.

Then you'll need to locate a suitable mounting point and route the harness to that location. According to the instructions you are going to need to use a whole saw to drill a 2 and one-eighth inch hole. That's going to be the mounting hole for the connector that's right here. These two pieces plug together. The other thing I like about it, it's got the 90 degree connection.

You can imagine that your truck bed is going to be sitting right behind this portion here. This will allow it to go down along the bed. It's going to be hidden because this is going to be between the outer wall of your vehicle and the bed of your truck. That's going to go down in that cavity and then you can secure the wiring with all the zip ties that are included with the kit. It does require a 2 and one-eighth inch hole to get this mounted. Once you get that in there, you can go ahead and secure the connector in place with the included hardware. It's got the spring-loaded lid on it. It's a nice design. Here on the inside it's going to have a gasket. That's going to create a nice tight seal, which is going to prevent moisture and dirt from getting to those connection points. That's going to do it for today's look at part number C56000. This is the CURT 5th wheel and gooseneck custom wiring harness.

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