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ComeUp Electric Winch - Truck Winch - CU295795 Review

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Review of ComeUp Electric Winch CU295795

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the ComeUp Seal Gen2 12.5rs Recovery Winch. This Seal Series Winch has a 12,500-pound line pulling capacity. It is designed for foot forward mounting only. That's with the mounting points facing forward. This is designed as a high-performance self-recovery winch. It's going to feature a 5-horsepower 12-volt series wound motor.

It's also going to feature a free-spooling clutch with a rotating ring gear. Clutch system is on this side of the winch. It's going to feature 4 equally positioned pinholes with stainless steel, ergonomic T-handle right here on top. Those pinholes make it possible to reposition the clutch. That way, you can reposition the clutch handle. Depending on your mounting location or mounting application, you can reposition the clutch handle at a convenient spot that's convenient to access and to pull out to the engaged or disengaged position as necessary.

The T-handle, again, is made from a stainless steel construction. It's got an ergonomic design. The T-handle is going to feature 2 positions. Right now, it's in the engaged position, which would mean that it's ready for winching. Pull it up and rotate it, and that would move it to a disengaged position which allows the winch to go into a free-spool mode so you can grab the hand saver strap and extend the line out as needed. When it comes to operating the winch, you're going to have a couple of options.

It comes with 2 remotes. You're going to have a waterproof remote control with thermometric LED indicators that's going to aware you if the winch is overheating. That's going to be attached to a 17' cord. The plug plugs into the port here at the top of the contactor, and it's got the nice little dust cap on it so it protects the connection points when the remote is not connected to it. It's also going to have a wireless remote system.

This is going to have a 90' radius. The receiver is built into the contactor. It's going to have the LED indicator on it as well which is going to notify the user of the motor overheating. The brake system on this winch is a mechanical cone brake. It's designed to hold the full load automatically. It's a CBS system which stands for Cone Brake Structure. It's mounted outside the drum, and that really helps expedite heat dispersion which is ideal for a synthetic rope design which this winch has. The gear system on this is a 3-stage planetary gear train. It's going to have a gear ratio of 225 to 1. When it comes to the construction of the housing is we're looking at an aluminum construction. It's going to have a steel drum. The winch is also going to feature a really nice, matte black powder coat finish, so it's going to add a really nice, sleek, clean look to the winch, and it's going to protect it from rust and corrosion, making sure that it looks great for many years to come. The rope, again, is a synthetic rope. It's SK75, SK-75 synthetic. It's going to have a rope diameter of 7/16" and it's going to measure 82' long. On the end of it, it's got a nice, heavy-duty, steel hook with a safety latch mechanism to prevent accidental disconnecting. It's also going to come with the hand saver strap. This right here is going to be your aluminum Hawse Fairlead that's going to protect the synthetic rope. It runs through this area here. That way, it really reduces the chance of abrasions or cuts to the rope. It's simply designed to protect it as you extend the line out or as you bring the line back in. Now the mounting bolt pattern on the unit, it's going to feature 4 bolt holes. Center on center, the distance from this one to this one is going to measure 10", and then up and down, they're going to be separated on center by 4-1/2". The overall weight of the winch including the synthetic rope, with it installed, is going to be 61.7 pounds. The winch does include all necessary hardware and wiring for a complete installation. This wire right here is going to be your battery lead 00:03:57 for your negative connection, and then all the other wires are connected here at the back of the contactor, which you'll see in a moment when I show you the mounting options for the contactor. When it comes to the hardware, these 4 pieces of hardware right here are for mounting the actual winch. These 2 are for the aluminum Hawse Fairlead. Then these 4, these 2 are going to be different-sized than these 2, but these 4 are going to provide a couple of different options when it comes to mounting the contactor. It's going to come with these metal braces. That way, you can mount it directly to the motor housing like I have right now. The other option is that here on the feet of the contactor, there's 2 holes. You can mount it that way with the included hardware. Or, on the back of the contactor, there's going to be 2 slots or grooves. You can see those right there. You can use the other set of hardware to mount it with those grooves. You can see all the wiring that's connected to the contactor. You got the posts here on the housing of the motor. That's where the other ends of these wires connect. We got a ground wire. Everything is labeled and color-coded. That way, the initial setup is very simple, it's very quick, and very easy to do so. The unit also comes with an owner's manual and instructions to help with that whole process. Now when it comes to the capacity, this is rated with a pulling capacity of 12,500 pounds. That's with the first layer of rope on the drum. It's 17.7' of rope on the drum, capacity is 12,500 pounds. On the fourth layer which would be 82' of rope on the drum, the winch can pull 7,020 pounds. With no load on the winch or on the rope, it's going to have a line speed of 25.3' per minute with a 45 amp draw at 12 volts. With full load on the rope, 12,500 pounds, then the winch has a line speed of 3' per minute with a 470 amp draw at 12 volts. When it comes to the dimensions of the winch, from edge to edge, we're looking at a measurement of about 24-1/2". From front to back, we're looking at a measurement of about 7-1/2". Then from bottom to top right here at the T-handle, we're looking at a measurement of about 8" tall. That measurement does not include the contactor because there are other ways to mount the contactor if this way doesn't work out for you. Again, overall, the Seal Series is a nice, dependable, strong, durable winch, and again, it is for foot forward mounting only. That's going to do it for today's look at the ComeUp Seal Gen2 12.5rs Recovery Winch.

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