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Review of Coghlans Patio Accessories - Pop-Up Trash Can - CG66UV

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Coghlans Patio Accessories - Pop-Up Trash Can - CG66UV Review

Hello, everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this Coghlan's green pop-up trash can. It's a 15 inch diameter. And when it's expanded, it's about 18 1/2 inches tall. Now, this small pop-up container is great for garbage, yard waste, or storage items when you're working around your campsite, your RV, or your home.

This trash container can be expanded and flattened. Just want to zoom in and show you. Right now, it's in the flattened or storage position. And on each side right here and right over here, these nylon tabs secure the container in the flat position for compact storage. It does offer a spring-loaded frame, which will allow this container to pop open.

Just want to show you that, let's zoom back out, and I'm just gonna unhook the tabs on each side. I'm gonna loosen that one. And then we'll go over here and we'll unhook this one. You just held on to the loop, so you just push the tab back through the loop, and we can get it open then you'll be able to see that the spring-loaded frame allows it to all the way open up and it pretty much does itself. What you wanna do is just go around their edge and help it get all the way out.

And now, just like that, you got a full trash can. We've mentioned it's 18 1/2 inches tall. Also, what's nice on the very top here, it has almost a fully zippered top. Almost goes around the whole 360 degrees of the top. All it does is stop just to give you a little section that will hold it into place.

And you have the top of the lid on there. That zippered top will help keep any contents in place in the trash can. And when you could zip through, it will keep any pests out. Also on the top, it has this nice clear pocket lid here, and that'll offer additional storage for trash bags. If you're gonna use a trash bag in here, it does use a standard 13 gallon size trash bag. The volume of the inside is about 14.1 gallons, but you can use just a standard 13 gallon trash bag, and you can keep extras right into the lid on the top. So, we'll go ahead and zip it closed again. Want to show you on the sides, if you do get quite a bit in here and you wanna carry it, you got two carry handles, one on each side. Makes it very easy to transport a full container. And the other nice features on the very bottom right here, again, we'll zoom in. And you can see there's a strap in attach that has a grommet in it. So, what that's is nice for is if you have this at your campsite, you can put an anchor through there to hold it in place. If the wind blows, it won't blow this away or turn it over, keep it from being turned over. It is a nice dark green color. Specs again on this, the diameter, 15 inches. Overall height open, 18 1/2 inches tall. And then when it's fully flattened, it's only about 1 1/2 inches. And just to show you that, all you have to do is push the spring-loaded frame all the way down. And again, once you get it all the way down, just go to each side. Right here, you can see that nylon tab, and there's a little loop there. You just put the tab through the loop all the way to where it hooks, and do the same over here. Push the tab through the loop. Once it gets all the way through, clip, put it back in the tab and it hooks on. And now, it's hook closed. Push more of the air out of it. And you give out, got a very compact trash can for storage. But that should do it for the review on the Coghlan's green pop-up trash can..

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