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Review of Coghlans Patio Accessories - Outdoor Maintenance - CG78UV

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Coghlans Patio Accessories - Outdoor Maintenance - CG78UV Review

Hello, everybody, this is Jeff, at Today, we're gonna take a look at this Coghlan's teal deluxe, 29 and a half gallon pop-up trashcan. Now this is a pop-up container that'll hold garbage, yard waste, or storage items, when you're working around your camp site, your RV, or your home. It does use a spring loaded steel frame, which can expand and, or flatten using these nylon tabs on the side. Basically right now, when it's in the storage position, the tabs are hooked on each end and that keeps it flattened, ready to just store wherever you need to. Now when it is flat, it's only about two and a half inches tall.

And then to open it, what you'll do is just unhook each tab. There's a loop that the tab goes through, unhook the one on one side, and then unhook the other one on the other side. And once they're both on hooked, you gotta release it, and you can see that spring loaded frame will let it expand all the way out, And just help it by pulling it out just like that. And once it totally expands, it'll get you about 24 inches tall. Diameter on this is about 19 inches in diameter.

Now it does have a nice zippered top on it here, we can find the zipper, and it almost goes all the way around the whole circumference, except for the little section that holds it in place. So you can see just like that, you can open it up, slide that out, and then you have the hole inside to store whatever you need. Also, if have stuff in there and you don't want pest or anything to bother it, again, you can just zip it all the way close, just like that. Now also on the inside, they do have, if you notice these white tabs right here, these are actually alligator clips. And what that does is you can open those up and then attached here there's those four of them, and you can attach your garbage bag or trash bag to those clips to keep it in the open position.

It is designed to use 30 gallon size bags. Now also, at the very top on the lid here, there is a see-through storage pocket here that allow you to keep extra trash bags in there. And then there's also even a label, or a, clear pocket here that you could put a label in there if you prefer. Now, they also on the very bottom, I've turned us to the bottom. If you can see, I'm gonna maybe zoom in here just so you can see that there's a strap with a grommet.

There's one on this side and one, there's three total of those. And what's nice about that is with the grommet on there, you can actually use that to be staked down if it gets windy at your campsite, or where your RV is. If it's blowing around, you don't want this blowing around with trash in it, so there's three of that you can stake down to hold it in position. And then also, you probably noticed they have two web handles here, make it easy to transport a full container once you fill it up, and it is a nice teal color. So we're gonna be able to ahead and zip it closed again. And once you get it zippered all the way. There you go, and you can see how it's already expanded all the way out, so you're all ready to go. Volume again on this is 29 and a half gallons, diameter, 19 inches, height open, 24 inches. And when you go to flatten it, all you have to do is push down on it. And that's gonna just push any the air out of it and compact it in the steel frame. And when you get it to one side, just take your hook, hook it through the loop. That'll hold one side, and now if you just go directly across from it, and put that one through the other loop. Once you to get that all the way through, that'll hold it in that position, there you go. And then you can see it's all compacted in the storage position. But that should do it for the review on this Coghlan's teal deluxe 29 and a half gallon pop-up trash can..

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