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Review of Coghlans Camping Chairs - Folding Camp Stool 15 Inch Long - CG66RR

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Coghlans Camping Chairs - Folding Camp Stool 15 Inch Long - CG66RR Review

Hi everybody, my name is Andy with Today we're taking a look at Coghlan's 15-inch tall folding camping stool. Now, if you're looking for a portable, lightweight seat to take with you, whether you're hiking or whether you're at the camp site, or maybe you're just looking to have a portable seat at a sporting event and there's no bleachers available, this might be a good option for you to consider. This folding stool is very lightweight. The legs are made out of aluminum alloy. And so not only is this going to be very lightweight and easy to carry, but it's going to be sturdy for you as well.

This has a blue nylon seat, which we'll be taking a look at here the next minute. And this has a really nice hook and loop strap that keeps everything fastened together. And also it has an adjustable carrying strap here, so you can put that around your shoulder when you are going to your location and that's gonna make it really convenient. Now, this is what it looks like in its folded form. And in this folded form, it's going to be about 20 inches long.

And then when you open this, which you, all you need to do is just undo this hook and loop strap, and run it out of the buckle here, and it opens up nice and easy. And while we're here, let me just take a measurement of the seat that we are going to be sitting on. And we are sitting a little over 11 inches, probably almost 11 and a half inches there with that seat. And if you we're interested in just how tall it sits overall, let me see if I can get that measurement for you as well. We are sitting right at about overall about 15, about 15 inches tall from the ground.

So I'm gonna take a seat here, and it's a, for the size. It's a, it's a relatively comfortable stool and it's a little on the short side for me, I'm about 5'9", 5'10" in height, and I would probably prefer something a little bit taller. I could see where this would be relatively comfortable for a short time, if you're just sitting, wanting to catch a break while you're hiking or backpacking, or you're just looking for a quick seat somewhere, this would be good for that. If you're looking for something that would be a little more comfortable for longer sitting sessions, I would recommend looking at one of our folding chair options, especially those that are a little bit taller that would allow you a little bit, a little bit easier way getting up from your sitting position. Now the capacity on this stool is 220 pounds, and I weigh a little bit under 190.

So this, this camping stool feels very stable. On a hard surface like this floor here, it is going to rock back and forth a little bit. Probably when you're on softer ground, it's going to sink in a little bit better, and it'll feel a little more solid. But in no way, do I feel like it's going to collapse under my weight so I can feel confident sitting on this stool. But again, it's just a little bit too low for me. I would like something a little bit taller. So let me show you just how to put this back together. You just easily fold this up and take our strap, run it through our buckle here and you are good to go. So that is going to conclude our look today at Coghlan's 15 inch tall folding camp stool. Again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me..

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