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Review of Coghlans Backpacks - Luggage - Sleeping Bags - Tents - CG77RR

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Coghlans Backpacks - Luggage - Sleeping Bags - Tents - CG77RR Review

Hey everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look at Coghlan's waterproofing Seam Seal. So, this little guy's gonna be excellent to go ahead and make sure that we are doing a great job of sealing up any of those issues you might be having with our tent. Whether we've gone ahead, added our own patch on, or if we are just having a little bit of trouble.

Sometimes those factory seams just don't seem to be quite as good as we want 'em. Gonna go ahead and coat this guy up. And that way we have it nice and sealed for ourselves. So, this is gonna be water-based. So we are gonna needa give ourselves a little bit of time to let it set.

So basically all we have to do, on the inside of here we have a little seal that's keeping us from actually using our applicator here. I may be kinda blocking that applicator. Let me give you guys that. Show it on that white wall. So that applicator does a great job of allowing us to coat those brushes and really start penetrating into whatever kind of texture or fiber that we are kind of pushing into with our tent, making sure that it's actually doing a good job of bonding to it.

And that way we're getting that seal that we're looking for. So, we do need to go ahead and give ourselves about two hours to let this set when we are putting it in place. Now, Coghlan's does a pretty good job of giving us a little bit of handy instructions as well. Just to give us a few little pointers when we are applying this, but like I said, all we need to do is pop that seal, allow our kind of substance to get onto our applicator, and start actually sealing up all those issues that we might be having on our tents. Whether it be in our corners, or sides, maybe even like I said a repair kit could be useful with these guys as well.

I haven't seen anything on here about, you know, what it might be damaging to in terms of material. But I don't really think it will be. The one thing it does say though, let's make sure we're not breathing in those fumes, or getting this in our eyes, or anything like that. I kinda opened it up and it is very glue-like in nature, so I can see why they do go ahead and give us kind of that, you know, caveat to watch out for. So, overall I just think it's gonna be a decent way of giving us that seam seal that we're looking for. You know, I haven't actually gotten to use it out, but from a Coghlan's, you know, they are all into the camping gear. They know what they're making. And I think this is gonna do a great job of just allowing us to get that seal done. And what's nice about it too, once it is set, it is gonna be washable as well. So, we're not gonna be too worried about it, you know, breaking down over the years. Now, would I maybe go ahead and just have this in my back pocket whenever I need it, just to go ahead, and maybe go ahead, and repair some other seals Yeah, probably. But, I think it's gonna do a great job for us, guys. And that way we can go ahead and cut down a little bit on that weather intrusion inside of our tent and have a way more comfortable camping experience. Otherwise though, guys, I think that about does it for our look here today at the Coghlan's Seam Seal here at I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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