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Review of Chroma Hitch Covers - Aluminum Ram Hitch Cover - PC002237

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Chroma Hitch Covers - Aluminum Ram Hitch Cover - PC002237 Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look, at this Ram Trailer Hitch Cover. This is an officially licensed Ram Logo Hitch Cover. It's got this black textured plate here with this sandblasted style, aluminum 3D Ram head, this is gonna add a nice rugged accent, to your truck and so that you're still gonna have a nice look to it, even when you're not hauling your trailer. This will slide right into, your hitch receiver. It's gonna help keep out any dirt and deter rust, from the inside of your receiver tube.

So, it's gonna be nice and easy, to get your ball mount and other things slid, into your receiver tube. This does work with two different sizes of hitches. So, you've got these two different size, mounting brackets. So, depending on what size receiver tube you have, you can use this for a one and quarter inch trailer hitch, or your two inch trailer hitches, or your one and a quarter inch, hitch has these aluminum brackets, that have the two holes in them, so that you can slide a pin through there. If you've got, the two inch trailer hitch, you're gonna have this three hole bracket, that will align up with your hitch pin hole, on your receiver tube, so you'll be able to pass that through now.

This does not include a hitch pin clip, to keep this from wiggling out. You probably already have one, for your other hitch mount accessories, but if not, we do have lots of options available here We also have locking pins, if you're wanting to add a little extra security, make sure that no one's able to come along and take your Ram hitch cover off. It's very easy to get those brackets mounted, they do include the hardware, you can see there's some screw holes there, so, we'll just line the bracket up with those screw holes and put the hardware in place. So, it is nice that they give you that option, for those two different size hitches, but overall, a really nice aluminum hitch cover here, it's gonna hold up really well for you.

You're not gonna have to worry about rust and corrosion. That's gonna be a nice, rugged looking hitch cover with that Ram logo on there. So, that's going to conclude our look for today. And I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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