Carr Accessory Step Hitch Covers CARR180032 Review

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Review of Carr Accessory Step Hitch Covers Carr180032

Today were gonna review part number CARR180032. This is a hitch-mounted step cover for 2-inch trailer hitches. This is manufactured by CARR Accessory. This will provide a quick easy access to your vehicles truck bed, cargo area or to reach your roof rack. This will slide into a 2-inch-by-2-inch trailer hitch receiver. It does have two holes for a hitch pin to go to fit your hitch.

This hitch cover will flip up when not being used as a step and it does have a full-color American Flag graphic. When used as a step, it does have a non-slip surface for stepping onto. This is constructed of a sturdy rustproof die-cast aluminum. This part is a powder-coated black finish. Im gonna give you a few dimension on the hitch.

The width of the step is 5 inches wide by 2 inches. The step does have a weight capacity of 500 pounds and it does have a limited lifetime warranty. When not being used, you just flip it up and load it. Right here is the spring so it does keep it very secure when being installed into your hitch. And that should do it for part number CARR180032..

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