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CargoSmart Truck Bed Accessories - Cargo Bar - CS84FR Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at And today we're taking a quick look at the CargoSmart ratcheting cargo bar. This helps to keep all your stuff in place while you're towing it around in your pickup truck or in your utility trailer or anywhere else that you have kind of a large area without a lot of compartments. We can use this to push our cargo up against the bulkhead in our truck bed, or back towards the tailgate and same thing for your utility trailer or enclosed trailer and things like that.It has a ratcheting mechanism to adjust the length of the bar out. You can also release the pressure on that to drop that handle down into the locked position.

And now it doesn't move. You can also use that to pull out that bar so you don't have to ratchet it down the whole way, if you have a little bit wider width or a little bit longer area that you're trying to span this between. It works similar to a ratchet strap in that regard. There we go. I'll show you how that works in just a second, but our feet have a spring loaded ball joint.

Those can swivel around and adapt to whatever size where, or whatever surface we're putting it against. It gives it a nice, good grip on those side surfaces.Again, to get that tension, you'll be able to use that ratchet and then put it down into the locked position whenever you're ready to go. It has a nice kind of hammer tone finish to this portion here. And then this portion is going to just be a silver finish. The handles pretty nice, has a kind of squishy covering on the ratchet mechanism to make it easier on your hands.

And then the feet also have kind of a hard rubber material there so it's going to grip really well into the sides of your truck bed or the raised rails on your utility trailer and so on.This just weighs three and a half pounds, so pretty lightweight, but still going to provide that load stopping capability. Just so you can see a better picture of this ratchet mechanism, there's this little handle to pull, to release it out of the locked position. And it's going to click into that slot there, and that's when you can ratchet that out. And then again, if you want to do kind of a quick pull or a quick adjustment on that, you can open it all the way out until it slides into the slot, and then you can make a larger adjustment from there. Take it back, pull again on that little handle and you can adjust as needed.These are the feet, have that nice kind of springy adjustment there to adapt to whatever surface you put this against.

It gives you a lot of options as far as being able to still grip on a surface, even if it's not completely level. As far as the lengths that this will work with, it can go between 40 inches and 70 inches. It should work out well for your smaller compact trucks or a smaller trailer to get that cargo nice and tucked away. That way. If you're grabbing some groceries in your truck, you don't want to put them in the cab and take away any space from other passengers. If you have the kids with you or anybody else with you, you can still put them in the back of the truck and not having them sliding all over the place. They'll be stuck in place and keep everything upright. Really great addition to have with any kind of towing vehicle like your truck or trailer, to keep that cargo in place.If you're using it for utility trailer, you can keep your coolers up and out of the way and then have the rest of the space to maybe haul a four wheeler or something like that. So a lot of different uses for this guy. That's pretty much all there is to it for our look at the CargoSmart ratchet and cargo bar. I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is the right one for you. If not, we do have some other options available, including longer bars so if you need a little bit more length out of this, it's not the only option we've got here at So, check them out. Thanks for watching.

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