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Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the CargoSmart Tool Holder for E-track and X-track systems. This tool holder snaps into your E-track or X-tract to store and organize small hand tools. It has the spring loaded fittings that snap into the E-track or X-track anchor points, and it can be easily moved from one slot to another. You'll notice that on the shelf we have multiple holes and slots. This is designed for fitting a variety of tools. It also functions as a nice platform or shelf unit with a raised lip at the front to keep items from rolling off.It's made from rugged 1/8" steel, very strong and durable with zinc finishing to resist rust and corrosion.

I want to go over a few measurements with you starting with the overall length measurement going edge to edge this direction. That's about 12". The usable space on the shelf is about 5 1/4". Now just to give you an idea of the measurement sizes we have here of the holes, these four holes are all the same. They have a diameter measurement of about 2".

Multiple holes on here are the same measurement, so the larger holes over here in this section, they have a diameter of 1/2".The mid size holes have a diameter of 3/8". The really small size holes have a diameter of 1/4". These holes right here have a diameter of 1". These two are the same. These four are the same, and they all have a diameter of 3/4".

Then you have these slots right here, which are the same. They have a width measurement of 5/8" and then a length measurement of 2".That gives you an idea of all the sizes that we have of the holes and slots. I also have a piece of E-track here, or X-track, I'm sorry. I just want to show you that it matches up perfectly with the spacing on the track system. It's really easy to get installed.

Basically, all you need to do is pull down on those spring loaded levers, and then secure it inside your tracking. Let it engage, and that's all there is to. It provides a really nice shelf platform and a really nice accessory for holding your tools. That's going to do it for today's look at the CargoSmart Tool Holder for E-track and X-track systems.

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