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Review of CargoBuckle Cargo Tie Downs IMF18819

Today we are going to be taking a look at the cargo buckle latter rack tie down straps. These are heavy duty ratchet straps that easily secure cargo to your latter rack. The unit's designed to mount to your latter rack round bar and then you'll be able to wrap the strap around your gear like your ladders or whatever it is that you have on your rack and then connect it back to itself using the double-J hook design as well as the elongated anchor point on the bracket and then you can tighten down the unit quickly and easily with the nice, large rubber-coated handle. It's very easy to grip and control with one hand. Now for our demonstration, I have one that is not assembled. That way you can get a good look at the bracket, the ratcheting mechanism and the hardware that is included. Then I have one right here that is partially assembled, just to give you an idea of how it is assembled and what it would look like on your latter rack.

This portion right here, you can see that it is a nice half circle design that's designed to fit one and three quarter inch latter rack tubing. Then the ratcheting mechanism bolts directly to that large bracket. Now the mechanism is going to feature a push button release as well as a self-retracting design that is going to offer easy rapid loading and unloading. The unused strap is automatically going to retract back into the housing which means that you don't have that much ratcheting to do and that's going to offer convenient storage. You don't have to worry about securing any unused strap or have it flapping as you go down the road. Real quick I just want to go over the functions of the ratcheting mechanism.

It's going to have three different positions. It's going to feature dual safety lock so if it it's in the fully closed position or fully down position you can see how the straps aren't going to release or if it's in the fully open position you can see how the handle is locked in that position. The dual safety lock design actually means that it locks the handle in those positions. So you have the fully down position which is going to allow the unit to go in free spool mode and then you're going to have that locked position and then you're going to have your ratcheting position and then you're going to have the fully open position which is going to allow it to also go into free spool mode. You can see how any unused strap retracts automatically back into the housing. The unit is designed to mount to your latter rack with the included brackets and hardware.

The unit is going to be constructed of durable construction that is going to offer long lasting performance. We are looking at a corrosion resistant steel body. The strap is going to be seat belt quality polyester and then the housing on the unit is a sturdy plastic housing and it's going to include a stainless steel spring. The bracket is a steel construction. It is welded. But, that's going to be steel with a patent black finish on it to resist corrosion.

The units have been crash tested to ensure that your cargo stays in place. Again, it is designed for a one and three quarter inch lateral round latter rack tubing. The strap dimensions measure two inches wide and an overall length of seven feet to work with. Mounting hardware is included. These bolts are going to be what secure the actual bracket to the latter rack. If we take a measurement from the bottom of the bolt head to the end of the threaded portion that is going to give us a length of two and half inches. They are going to measure three-eighths of an inch in diameter. The mount holes on the bracket, there are going to be two of those. Those are going to be separated on center a part from one another by three and one-quarter inches. The brackets are going to have an overall length from end to end to measure around five inches long. Now when it comes to the maximum loader breaks strength, we are looking at two thousand pounds per strap and a safe working load limit of six hundred and sixty-seven pounds. Last thing I want to mention is to show you how it hooks back to itself. This will be mounted to your latter rack. Once you have your gear on, you would release the strap, pull out however much you need, loop it around your gear, and then end at the anchor point. At that point, you would hit the release button to take out any slack in the strap and then you would finish the process by tightening it down, simply by using that large grip and taking advantage of the easy to use ratcheting mechanism to tighten your load onto the latter rack. That's going to do it for today's look at the cargo buckle latter rack tie down straps.

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